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In the past, she felt that people should not wash their dirty linen in public.

She would never tell her family about these things even if she was beaten to death.

This was also the reason why the Xia family had never realized that Xia He was unhappy.

However, she felt differently with Qiao Mei.

When they met, it was as if she was looking at her own sister and she felt especially close to Qiao Mei.

Moreover, Qiao Mei was very ingenious and was able to come up with many clever ideas to solve her problems.

Qiao Mei also did not go around telling others about her issues nor nagged at her to be a good wife and mother.

From Qiao Mei, she had learned that people must be true to themselves.

“Then how did you handle this matter Do you intend to leave it” Qiao Mei said angrily.

She did not expect Kong Li to have done so many things.

If Xia He had told her earlier, she would have gone to teach Kong Li a lesson.

“Kong Lu is prepared to pay compensation.

And also to return the money for the items I bought, as well as the money I lent to his brothers in the past,” Xia He said.

Qiao Mei was a little surprised. Kong Lu agreed so readily

“Does he have money” Qiao Mei looked at Xia He in puzzlement.

“He gave all his salary to his mother.

There must be some money after so many years, but I dont think his mother will give it to him,” Xia He said confidently.

“Why This is his own money.

Why wouldnt his mother give it to him” Qiao Mei asked.

Xia He did not know how to explain it, but she felt that Old Madam Kong treated Kong Lu differently from his other brothers.

Every time the old lady saw Kong Lu, she would either ask him for money or send him to do chores.

Xia He had heard that when Kong Lu was young, he was especially hardworking in his studies, but for the sake of his younger siblings, he had to give up school and come out to work.


At that time, Old Madam Kong did not even leave him any money for food.

He ate steamed buns and pickled vegetables every day.

When his brothers grew up, he still had to help them out.

Otherwise, Old Madam Kong would cause a scene in front of all the neighbors.

As long as something did not go her way, she would go to the neighbors and make a scene until Xia He and Kong Lu agreed to all her requests.

If not for the fact that the couple were both very concerned with their reputations, they would not have been manipulated so much by Old Madam Kong.

“Every time his mother sees his two younger brothers, she smiles so widely that its like the corners of her mouth reach the tips of her ears, but every time she sees Kong Lu, she looks at him like he owes her money.

She will give his younger brother whatever he wants, but when Kong Lu got married, she was so stingy.

When his younger brother got married, she came and took money and stuff from me,” Xia He said.


“Do you think its possible that his mother wants to train his mind To make him stronger mentally.

After all, his father passed away very early on.

The eldest brother is like a father in such a situation, so she wants to train him more,” Qiao Mei asked.

“Who knows, but it doesnt matter what his mother does.

Im definitely getting a divorce!” Xia He said firmly.

At this moment, Kong Lu was at the post office, making a call to Old Madam Kong..

Recently, Kong Li had not dared to leave the guest house.

She stayed by his side obediently and did not go to make trouble for the Xia family.

She ate whatever was available and was no longer picky.

Very quickly, someone picked up the phone on the other end.

“Who is it” Old Madam Kong asked nicely.

“Eh! Mother, its me, Kong Lu,” Kong Lu said agitatedly.

When Old Madam Kong heard that it was Kong Lu, she could not stop smiling and said happily, “Oh my, did you get your salary How much money are you giving me this time You have to give me more this time.

Your brother has not been doing well recently and he needs money urgently.”

“I… Mother, actually Im calling to ask you for money,” Kong Lu said embarrassedly.

When Old Madam Kong heard that he wanted to ask her for money, she immediately became unhappy and her face drooped.

“Why do you need money” Old Madam Kong asked.

“I… Im sick and I need money for medical treatment.

The money I have on me got stolen and I dont have a single cent now,” Kong Lu said nervously.

“Who are you trying to bluff! Youre in the capital now, your sister has already told me.

If youre sick, why are you looking for me instead of your wife! I dont have money! Go look for the Xia family!” Old Madam Kong said angrily.

“But… what about the money I send back every month Mother, what about that money Can you take it out and help me with my emergency first” Kong Lu said.

“Money How much do you give me a month Dont I need to spend money at home Money, money, money, all you know is to ask me for money!” Old Madam Kong scolded.

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