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In the past, he got on best with He Ning.

At that time, our family and the He family could be considered family friends.

Later on, there was an estrangement due to different ideals.

In addition, these children from the He family were all crooks so we stopped interacting with them,” Xia He said regretfully.

No wonder Jiang Shu had looked at He Ning with mixed emotions.

Perhaps he still could not understand why the big brother who protected and doted on him back then would kill his entire family.

“When Xia Zhe comes back, Ill definitely teach him a lesson.

I have to get Aunt to come back and scold him as well.

Hes really too indulgent with you!” Xia He said as she frowned at Qiao Mei.

“Im the one who went overboard.

Elder sister, dont scold Xia Zhe anymore,” Qiao Mei said softly.

Xia He felt jealous when she saw the way Qiao Mei defended Xia Zhe.

They were really a couple in love and did not allow others to say anything about each other.

“Elder sister, how about I make you braised fish and roasted chicken tonight” Qiao Mei said.

“Sure!” Xia Hes eyes lit up.

In a few days, she would have to leave to go and apply for approval to return to the art troupe in the capital.

While she was still here, she would enjoy Qiao Meis cooking as much as she could.

“Mei Mei, why dont you not become a military spouse and just stay in the capital permanently.

Ill be going back to apply to return to the capital to work.

Then in the future, I can go to your house every day to freeload my meals,” Xia He said.

Qiao Mei put on her apron and said, “Even if I want to, you have to ask Xia Zhe if he agrees to it.”

Xia He smacked the table angrily and stood up.

“How dare he disagree! Ill skin him alive! This kid cant even escape todays beating! Lets not talk about it anymore.

The more we talk about him, the angrier I am.

Let me help you with the cooking.”

In the kitchen, the onions, ginger and garlic had all been cut and placed aside.

Even the most difficult fish to handle had been cleaned up well by Liu Fen and every ingredient needed was placed on the table.

“Dont tell me Second Aunt-in-law has been bought over by your good culinary skills…” Xia He looked at the scene in front of her in shock.

In the past, she and Tan Jing would have to do all these chores and Liu Fen would not have cleaned and prepared the ingredients.

“Maybe.” Qiao Mei was also a little uncertain.

Not only did Liu Fen find Qiao Mei more and more pleasing to the eye, but she even said that her standards for her future daughter-in-law would now be based on Qiao Mei.

Not only did the girl have to be beautiful, good at cooking, capable of doing hard work and earning money, but she also had to be able to grow fruits and vegetables and know how to make clothes.


If this was the case, her sons would probably not be able to find their wives for a while.

She would have to wait a few more years.

“To be honest, Mei Mei, do you really plan to become a military spouse and follow Xiao Zhe around in the future” Xia He probed.

She had discussed this matter with Qiao Mei before, but Qiao Mei did not give a clear answer at that time.

Looking at how the two of them behaved like two lovebirds stuck together, Xia He was really afraid that Qiao Mei would be impulsive and insist on staying with Xia Zhe.

After all, she was about to give birth soon.

Xia He still hoped that she would stay in the capital so that the Xia family could help her.

The standard of medical care in the capital was also much better than that in Foshan Village.

It would be safer to have Aunt deliver the babies.

“I think I might need a few years.

After you spoke to me the last time, I had thought about it.

I know I should think for the children, but I also intend to go back and spend some time with my grandfather and see if hes willing to come over,” Qiao Mei said as she cooked.

Xia He stood at the side and nodded in relief.

It seemed that Qiao Mei had taken her words to heart.

“What about you, elder sister What do you plan to do” Qiao Mei asked.

Xia He did not know what else she could do.

Right now, she only wanted to get her job settled and there was nothing more important than that.

“I plan to stay in the capital,” Xia He said.

“Thats good! This way, when its time for me to give birth, I wont be alone and will have you as my companion,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

However, Xia He still had a frown on her face.

Even if she settled things on the job front, her family matters were not over yet.

She only hoped that Kong Lu could quickly return her the money so that she could get out of the Kong family as soon as possible.

“You have no idea how much trouble Kong Li has caused Aunt!” Xia He told Qiao Mei everything that had happened in the past few days, including the matter of Kong Li and the Sun familys children breaking the television set, Kong Li bringing the children around to cause trouble, Kong Lu coming to take Kong Li away, and so on.

She complained to Qiao Mei about everything that happened.

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