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“Me Is that so” Qiao Mei asked as she touched her own face.

“Lets go home.

Elder brother will handle the matters at the He familys house.

Lets go home.” Xia Zhe picked Qiao Mei up and carried her as he walked towards the car.

Qiao Mei was so shocked that she wanted to jump off and she said nervously, “Are you crazy We are out in the open! What if someone sees us! Father is also here!”

Qiao Mei looked at Xia Mao nervously.

Xia Mao immediately looked around and pretended not to see anything.


These two were really biological father and son…

“Then why dont you faint This way, they wont say anything,” Xia Zhe said with a smile.

Qiao Mei closed her eyes and leaned against Xia Zhes shoulder without moving.

Xia Zhe was overjoyed by what she did.


After the Xia family members left, there was nothing left to watch and the people outside the door gradually dispersed.

“Lets leave since were done digging.

Well contact you again if theres anything, Section Chief Huang,” Xia Wen said and left the He familys house.

After returning to the Xia familys house, Qiao Mei rushed to the second floor and promptly fell asleep.

Xia He looked at Xia Zhe in puzzlement and asked, “What did you do so early in the morning Why is she in such a hurry”

“We went to deal with something.

She must be tired and wants to go in and rest,” Xia Zhe explained.

“Then what about you You probably havent had breakfast.

Come and eat,” Xia He said as she pointed at the dining table.

Xia Zhe shook his head and said, “Father is behind us.

He hasnt eaten either.

Ill go upstairs to take a look at Qiao Mei.

Dont worry about us.”

After a tiring morning, Xia Zhe could not bear to torment Qiao Mei, so he simply hugged her and gradually fell asleep as well.

When Qiao Mei woke up in the afternoon, Xia Zhe was no longer by her side.

She guessed he had probably been called away for a meeting.

Qiao Mei stretched and got up to wash up.

She felt refreshed after resolving the matter with the He family.

To a certain extent, she had also taken revenge on He Ning for bullying her previously.

As she slowly walked down the stairs, she saw Xia He looking at her with a long face and saying, “Where did you go so early in the morning You havent even eaten anything! Dont you care about your own health!”

Qiao Mei knew that Xia He was concerned about her health.

She walked to Xia Hes side and said sweetly, “Elder sister~ Whats wrong with my good elder sister~ Dont be unhappy!”

“So you know that Im unhappy!” Xia He said.

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “I know that elder sister is doing this for my own good.

I promise there wont be a next time!”

“This is because Xiao Zhe indulges you too much! He brought you there so early in the morning! Putting aside how dangerous that place is, you already didnt sleep much last night as you were waiting for Xiao Zhe.

Now you even know how to stay up late! Youre still pregnant, mind you.

Aunt always says that staying up late is harmful to our health.

If you dont eat breakfast also, then can your body take the torment!” Xia He said sternly as she held Qiao Meis hand.

“Elder sister, I wont dare to do it again! I swear! Dont be angry! Your little nephews and I are hungry now…” Qiao Mei looked at Xia He aggrievedly.

When she heard what Qiao Mei said, Xia Hes heart softened.

She pointed at the dining table and said, “Second Aunt-in-law has already made food for you.

Hurry up and go.

Ill teach you a lesson after youre done eating!”

Qiao Mei said happily, “I just know elder sister dotes on me the most!”

Liu Fen brought out the last dish and said, “Try to at least have a bite.

What I make is definitely not as delicious as what you make.

If you dont like it, then just eat some plain porridge and pickled vegetables.

Theres some chicken and a big carp over there and Ive already cleaned them up for you to use.

I bought them this morning.

Theyre so fresh!”

For two consecutive days, Liu Fen had observed Qiao Mei and realized that she liked to eat fish very much.

Today, she woke up especially early to go to the market to buy the freshest live fish so that Qiao Mei could get some nourishment.

“Thank you, Second Aunt-in-law.

Come sit down and eat too!” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

Liu Fen shook her head and said, “Ive already eaten.

Im going out for a while.

The walnuts I asked someone to buy for you have arrived.

You have to take more nourishment.

Those are all wild walnuts from my house and theyre much better than those being sold in the capital! Eat your meal slowly!”

Qiao Mei looked at Liu Fens departing figure in surprise and asked Xia He in a daze, “Whats up with Second Aunt-in-law Why is she suddenly so nice to me”

“Second Aunt-in-law is just like that.

Shes not a bad person.

She just favors boys over girls,” Xia He said.

After Qiao Mei had eaten, Xia He pulled her to one side and asked curiously, “What exactly happened this morning”

Qiao Mei thought carefully about what happened this morning and picked out the main points to tell Xia He.

Xia He asked, “Is Jiang Shu the only one from the Jiang family here”

“Yes, he said that hes the only one left in the Jiang family.

The others have all passed away…” Qiao Mei said.

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