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These kinds of jars were not rare items.

Most people used them as storage jars in their rooms or used them to keep marinated food items.

The people in the family room fled in all directions.

He Han was so frightened that he hid in a corner and did not dare to move.

He had always been the least favored person in his family and no one thought of protecting him now.

Xia Zhe walked into the house and patted He Hans head gently as he said, “Dont be afraid.

Theyre not here to hurt you.

Come outside with me.”

After some hesitation, He Han decided to follow Xia Zhe to the courtyard.

At this moment, He Mei had just rushed over from He Guos house in the suburbs after receiving the news.

Initially, they did not intend to tell He Mei about this matter.

The He familys secret agent had heard the news from the political department before dawn.

He Guo and He Wei immediately brought their men to the old house to stand off with the Jiang family before getting someone to inform He Ning.

He Guo had originally wanted He Mei to stay at home obediently, but when He Mei heard that the Xia family was also involved and that Xia Zhe would definitely be there, she naturally wanted to go and take a look.

When He Mei came, she was wearing a silk dress with spaghetti straps and beautiful lace embroidered on the sides with a small white gauze jacket over it, making her look curvaceous and flirtatious.

If not for the fact that the He family was famous and everyone knew that she was the eldest granddaughter of the He family, they would have thought that she was someone from the brothel.


When He Mei entered and saw Xia Zhe, she immediately rushed over and said coquettishly, “Xia Zhe~ Look at how they smashed my house~ Im so scared!”

Xia Zhe turned sideways and dodged He Meis embrace, causing her to crash into the arms of Section Chief Huang who was behind him.

Her bosom smacked right into Section Chief Huangs chest and he said with a lustful expression, “Miss He, I… Ill feel embarrassed if you behave like this.”

He Mei screamed and escaped from Section Chief Huangs arms.

She looked at Xia Zhe with tears in her eyes and said, “Why did you dodge…”

All the men in the courtyard widened their eyes when they saw He Mei.

They all found her shapely figure really attractive.

He Mei noticed the gazes on her and quickly covered her chest.

She even tried to stand beside Xia Zhe.

“Miss He, please show some respect.

I already have a wife and its not convenient for me,” Xia Zhe said coldly without even looking at He Mei.

He Mei looked at the lecherous gazes of the men around her and then at Xia Zhes cold attitude.

She was too ashamed to stay here and ran into the house to wear a coat before coming back out and standing beside He Ning.

Using the pine tree outside the door, Qiao Mei saw Xia Zhes actions clearly.

She did not expect this person to still have designs on Xia Zhe.

However, it made sense.

Xia Zhe was so outstanding while the two grandsons of the He family did not have the capability to inherit the family business at all.

They could only find a son-in-law to manage the He familys businesses and Xia Zhe was their top choice.

Qiao Mei took a closer look at He Mei and realized that she was tall and had a curvaceous figure.

Unfortunately for her, Xia Zhe did not have any interest at all.

He Ning looked at He Mei reproachfully. Was this how she intended to seduce Xia Zhe as he instructed It was like childs play!

However, now was not the time to think about this matter.

The most important thing now was to deal with the Jiang family.

Soon, Section Chief Huangs men found the two other jars and other relevant cultural relics inside the family room.

There was also a box of foreign currency in the study.


He, how do you explain this” Section Chief Huang asked as he pointed at the evidence in the courtyard.

“I have nothing to say,” He Ning said as he looked at Section Chief Huang.

Section Chief Huang took out a piece of paper and walked up to He Ning.

“These things are exactly the same as what you used to testify against the Jiang family.

This is the list of things that were handed over by the Jiang family during the raid back then.

Third Master He, do you want to take another look”

“Theres no need,” He Ning said.

Section Chief Huang asked his subordinates to seal up everything in the courtyard and check them one by one so that the He family would not claim that anything was missing in the future.

“Now that the evidence is conclusive, please come with us, Third Master He,” Section Chief Huang said with a smile.

He Ning stood up with some difficulty.

The anger he felt at being schemed against troubled him much more than the pain that his body brought him.

This was the first time He Mei had seen such a big scene.

This time, not only was her little uncle going to be taken away, but even her father would be taken away to be dealt with.

What could she do now that the backbone of the family was gone

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