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Section Chief Huang instructed his subordinates to continue working.

Not long after, there was a loud thud in the courtyard.

A muffled sound came from under the courtyard and the workers hurriedly shouted, “Theres something!”

Everyone came over to help.

It was a mahogany box that weighed 60 pounds and it did not look like something from recent years.

“This! This is the evidence I mentioned!” Jiang Shu said agitatedly as he looked at the familiar wooden box.

Jiang Shu pointed at He Ning agitatedly and said, “Back then, our Jiang family did sell these things overseas and received a sum of money.

However, our Jiang family is not the only one who did this! Your He family is also involved!”

He Ning closed his eyes resignedly.

He did not remember leaving these things behind back then.

It seemed that He Guo had done it behind his back again. These incompetent and useless things!

“Our He family was forced by you!” He Guo retorted.

“Forced Could it be also the Jiang family who forced you to do what you did in the past few years We even found out that your He family is still doing business overseas.” Xia Wen walked out and stood in front of He Guo as he asked.

“You… youre talking nonsense! I… I didnt!” He Guo avoided looking at Xia Wen.

Xia Wen took out the evidence of the He family conducting transactions with foreigners, as well as photos of He Guo shaking hands and chatting happily with foreigners, and photos of He Guos subordinates giving money to foreigners.

The Xia family had spent a lot of money hiring a private investigator to get the evidence.

They had initially wanted to check if the He family had hurt anyone else, so that they could gather all these people together to deal with the He family.

They did not expect to discover the secret behind the He familys source of endless funds.

They had also spent a lot of money to block out the news of this matter.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible to catch the He family unaware.

“This is the evidence.

Section Chief Huang, do you think you can help with this matter” Xia Wen said.

Section Chief Huang took the photos respectfully and said, “Although Im only in charge of excavating cultural relics, I can ask my colleagues from the other departments to handle it.

Dont worry, Professor Xia.”

“You! What right do you have to meddle in my affairs!” He Guo pointed at Xia Wen and Section Chief Huang and questioned them.

“Men, grab him! Anyone can meddle in the affairs of atraitor like you!” Section Chief Huang said arrogantly.

A wise man must know how to submit to the circumstances.

Anyone could tell that the He family was currently in a hopeless situation and that the best choice now was to rely on the Xia family.

“He Ning, you wont be able to get away today either.” Jiang Shu smiled at He Ning and reached out to open the mahogany box that had been dug out.

He continued, “Back then, it was the He family who bought a large amount of armaments from us.

We were not the ones who transacted directly with foreigners.”

Back then, Old Master He had studied overseas and kept some ties with people there.

In the beginning, the He family and the Jiang family did honest business domestically.

However, there was a lot of manpower and resources involved and the He family realized that they could not make much money after deducting the costs.

In addition, they had to split the money equally with the Jiang family, so there was really not much left.

Old Master He then conspired with He Nings father, He Cai, to export goods out of the country.

Coincidentally, the Jiang family had experts who could make military equipment, so the two of them joined forces to deceive Old Master Jiang and tricked the Jiang family.

“Actually, in the end, our Jiang family only made a deal with your He family.

The one who sold the stuff was actually your He family.

However, later on, when my grandfather discovered your scheme, you came up with a plan to frame my family.

Our family was raided that same day and we didnt even have a chance to defend ourselves,” Jiang Shu said.

He Ning pointed at the box and asked, “You want to convict me with just this box Everything inside is my elder brothers doing.

Hes the one running these things.

What has it got to do with me”

He Guo could not believe that He Ning was saying this and betraying his own elder brother in order to protect himself.

He Guo was He Nings biological elder brother!

“You!” He Guo looked at He Ning in disbelief.

He Ning mouthed, “Ill save you.

Dont worry.”

He Guo lowered his head in disappointment and left it to fate.

“I already know that you would say that.

Back then, there were two exquisite jars among the things that were taken in the raid.

There are originally four jars, and when they are lined up together, it makes for a whole set of chrysanthemums.

At that time, your family was given two of them.

I think they should still be inside the house now,” Jiang Shu said with a smile.

Xia Wen glanced at Section Chief Huang, who understood what he had to do.

He immediately rushed into the house with his men and shouted, “Search! Bring out anything that resembles the chrysanthemum jars!”

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