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Jiang Shu looked at He Ning and did not speak for a long time.

He Ning had always been such a person.

He was good at sophistry and never did anything that he was not confident in.

What happened just now was indeed his own fault for being impulsive.

“He didnt touch me because his skills were inferior and not because he didnt attack me.


He, please dont get the two concepts mixed up,” Jiang Shu said.

“Hes just a child.

Of course hes not as skilled as you.

How can you bear to hurt him and stoop to the level of a child” He Ning said with a smile.

The people outside the door immediately became irritable.

He Ning was trying to quibble his way out!

“Is a 20-year old still a child!” the people outside the door shouted.

“Thats right! Who are you trying to fool!”

“Is he a giant baby! Your He family has children! Do you think we dont have any!”

“He Li has done many evil things outside! He often bullies his classmates! My children are victims!”

“Ours as well!”

“You must give us an explanation today!”

The people outside the door rushed in.

Xia Wen pulled Xia Mao to a corner and had five guards stand in front of them to form a barrier to protect them.

Very quickly, someone targeted He Ning and prepared to take advantage of the chaos to deal with him.

The persons eyes were filled with hatred for him.

The attendant looked around nervously and helped He Ning up to go into the main room.

Along the way, many people blocked their way.

Suddenly, someone in the crowd snatched a hoe from one of the workers and ran towards He Ning.

As he ran, he shouted, “He Ning! Go to hell!”

The attendant rushed in front of He Ning to block the attack.

The rest of the He familys subordinates rushed forward to stop that person.

“You dogs of the He family! What benefits did the He family give you! Youre working so hard for him! He Ning, you crook! Ill make you pay with your life today!” the person shouted loudly.

However, He Nings subordinates were all well-trained and these commoners were no match for them.

Section Chief Huang looked at the chaos in the courtyard and went to hide in a corner, afraid that he would get implicated.

Xia Zhe picked up the hoe and swung it at the glass part of the door.


The loud smashing sound made everyone in the courtyard quiet down and everyone turned to look at Xia Zhe in unison.

Section Chief Huang immediately came forward to smooth things over and said, “Um… Everyone, calm down.

I know that everyone has many issues, but our mission today is to find the cultural relics in the He familys courtyard.

If anyone still wants to stop us from carrying out our official duties, dont blame me for taking him away on account of disruption of official duties.”

As soon as he said that, a group of people started to walk out of the courtyard out of fear.

Yet, there were also some people who swore to make He Ning pay the price and refused to go out.

Section Chief Huang looked at Xia Zhe, not knowing what to do.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Shu walked forward and said to these people, “Well settle your grudges in the future.

I hope everyone will be magnanimous and let him off today.

Only when my issue is settled will you have a chance to take revenge, right”

That person clenched his fists and said fiercely, “Back then, I used to work for He Ning! He went back on his words and wanted me dead! Later on, my wife and children went on the run with me and they all died in the process! I think you had the same experience as me during that period of time! I only want to kill my enemy now.

Dont block my way!”

Jiang Shu stood in front of He Ning and said, “I understand how you feel, but we have to take turns.

When the Jiang family is done seeking redress, whatever you do in the future has nothing to do with me, but now…”

Jiang Shu turned around to take a glance at He Ning and then said to the man, “No!”

That person looked at the determined Jiang Shu and then at He Ning, who was still in a state of shock.

He could not make up his mind.

If he missed this opportunity, would he still be able to take revenge

“Believe me, once our Jiang family has seeked redress, He Nings life is over.

Dont you want to see such an ending Or are you more confident in making He Ning pay a painful price” Jiang Shu said patiently.

That person felt that what Jiang Shu said made sense and left with the rest of the people.

Before they left, they even turned around to look at He Ning.

They would definitely take revenge later!

He Ning heaved a sigh of relief as he watched them leave.

He said with lingering fear, “I didnt expect you to protect me.”

“Im not protecting you.

I just want to clear the Jiang familys name,” Jiang Shu said.

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