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Initially, Jiang Shu did not care about the unreasonable behavior of a junior, but He Li had crossed the line with the mention of his parents.

Jiang Shu glared angrily at He Li and instantly went in front of him.

He raised his leg fiercely and kicked He Lis left leg, causing He Li to kneel on the ground in pain.

It happened so quickly that even Xia Zhe did not even have time to react.

He Li lay on the ground and held on to his leg as he screamed.

He Guo and He Wei were stunned to the spot and did not have time to think.

“Ah!!! My leg!!!”

“This leg is for my father,” Jiang Shu said as he looked at He Li coldly.

Jiang Shu raised his leg again and wanted to kick He Lis right leg in memory of his mother.

Xia Zhe went forward and grabbed Jiang Shu.

“Dont be rash.

If you hit him again, hell faint.

Who knows what the He family will do then,” Xia Zhe whispered into Jiang Shus ear.

Jiang Shu looked at Xia Zhe, then at He Li who was writhing in great pain on the ground.

He brushed the dust off his clothes and walked to the side.

“You have to give me an explanation! My son cant have his leg broken for nothing! This is our familys eldest grandson! Youre trying to ruin the He familys future by doing this!” He Wei shouted as he pointed at Xia Zhe and Jiang Shu.

“Back then, you people beat my grandfather to death.

This boy insulted his elders, so Im educating him on behalf of your He family,” Jiang Shu said indifferently.

He Ning knew if they continued talking about this matter, no good would come out of it for them.

Back then, the death of Old Master Jiang had always been an unspeakable matter.

On the surface, it looked like an accident, but the fact was some of the people who went forward to beat him up back then had received money from the He family.

“Thats enough.

Hurry up and bring He Li to the hospital,” He Ning said calmly.

“Youngest brother! This is your own nephew!” He Wei could not believe that He Ning would let Jiang Shu off just like that.

His son had only attacked Jiang Shu because of He Ning!

“I said to send him to the hospital,” He Ning said sternly as he looked at He Wei.

He Wei lowered his head.

He could not win against He Ning.

If He Ning was not present today, the He family would be ruined.

He could only swallow his anger today and wait for an opportunity to present itself in the future.

He Wei left the He familys house with He Li to seek medical treatment.

“I didnt expect your martial arts skills to have improved after these years.

Who did you learn this from” He Ning asked with a smile.

“It has nothing to do with you.

You should care about yourself,” Jiang Shu said sulkily.

Qiao Mei was so engrossed in watching the drama from outside.

She did not expect Jiang Shu, who looked so weak, to be so good at fighting.

Everyone must have felt good from seeing him teaching this “stupid brute” from the He family a lesson.

He Li often used his status as the eldest grandson of the He family to do bad things.

He fought at the gambling dens often and did all kinds of evil things, but He Ning always protected him.

Qiao Mei also heard some rumors that the real eldest grandson of the He family was actually the second grandson, He Han.

In the past, the He family only had one granddaughter, He Mei.

The He family could not accept not having a male heir, so they adopted a child from one of their relatives and that child was He Li.

Later on, He Weis wife became pregnant and then gave birth to He Han.

After that, He Li felt that He Wei would threaten his position, so he kept bullying He Han.

That was why He Han was unwilling to interact with others.

As time passed, rumors spread that He Han was so dumb that he could not speak anymore.

Qiao Mei carefully looked at the He family members in the courtyard but did not manage to find He Han.

Qiao Mei looked around and finally found a man looking out through the gap of the window in the family room in the He familys house.

This man was thin and tall.

At times, he hunched his shoulders and did not dare to look up, then at times, he seemed curious about what was happening outside and secretly looked around.

This should be him.

It had been four hours since the start of the excavation works and nothing had been found after so long.

It seemed that they might not be able to get what they wanted today.

He Ning found himself thanking his lucky stars.

If the stuff was placed there by the Xia family, they definitely knew where it was.

Could it be that they were putting on a show by not digging it out after so long

But there was no need for that.

“I hope that Jiang Shu can give me an explanation for the matter with my nephew after today,” He Ning said as he looked at Jiang Shu.

Jiang Shu looked at He Ning and asked, “What kind of explanation do you want”

“That depends on the diagnosis from the hospital.

You have to take responsibility for this,” He Ning said.

“He was the one who rushed over and even spoke rudely and insulted my parents.

I just taught him a lesson on behalf of your He family.

I did it in self-defense,” Jiang Shu said.

“Our He family will naturally teach He Li a lesson ourselves, but did he touch you I dont think so.

Then he didnt attack you,” He Ning said with a smile.

What He Ning said was indeed the truth.

He Li did not touch Jiang Shu just now.

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