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He Li picked up the wooden stick and wanted to hit Section Chief Huang.

Xia Zhe could not stand it anymore and rushed forward to kick He Lis stick away.

He Guo and He Wei immediately stopped what they were doing and did not dare to do anything to Section Chief Huang anymore.

Xia Zhe also had a “notorious reputation”, but this “notoriety” was very different from He Nings.

The “notorious” part about Xia Zhes reputation was simply his brutal methods.

He had been to real battlefields and handled real weapons.

He had killed countless enemies and slayed countless people.

He exterminated enemies cleanly and easily as those were people who deserved to die.

However, He Nings notoriety was due to the fact that he was truly vicious and liked to scheme against others.

The two He brothers looked at each other and took a step back.

It was better to avoid Xia Zhe.

“He Li, come back quickly!” He Wei said to He Li.

He Li rubbed his arm that had gone numb and retreated to He Nings side.

Xia Zhe had already broken the wooden stick into two.

Xia Zhe looked around warily.

The He family members in the courtyard did not dare to act rashly.

After being stared at by that pair of eyes once, they felt a chill run down their spines, like they were prey being targeted by a wolf.

He Guo and He Wei looked around awkwardly, not daring to meet Xia Zhes eyes.

“He Ning, I wonder how you plan to deal with this matter Your nephew wants to attack a government official Can it be that he has a guilty conscience” Xia Wen went forward and asked.

Seeing that the Xia family was backing him up, Section Chief Huang straightened his back and looked at He Li arrogantly.

“Thats right! He clearly wants to beat me to death!”

He Li was so angry that he wanted to go forward and teach Section Chief Huang a lesson.

He pointed at Section Chief Huang and said, “Say that again! Ill break your legs!”

“Look, He Ning.” Xia Wen looked at He Ning in a seemingly teasing manner.

He Ning frowned and glanced at He Li, who immediately cowered.

“Its inevitable for a small kid to be impulsive.

I cant stand noise due to my illness, so he behaves so carelessly all because of me.

I believe Section Chief Huang wont take it to heart,” He Ning said as he narrowed his eyes at Huang Fei.

When Huang Fei saw that Xia Wen had no intention of speaking up for him, he smiled at He Ning and said, “Its fine given that its a child being insensible.

I wont take it to heart…”

As the conflict intensified in the courtyard, Qiao Mei found that she was stuck outside.

Qiao Mei was surrounded by people and it seemed to be an extravagant hope for her to go to the trees nearby.

“Brothers, can you let me move a little” Qiao Mei said helplessly.

“No, this is a mission given to us by the regiment commander! We dare not move without orders!” the guard beside her said.

Qiao Mei really did not know how to persuade them otherwise when she suddenly thought of the children in her stomach.

“Brothers, Im a pregnant woman.

Im not going anywhere.

I just want to sit under the big tree over there for a while.

I cant stand for too long in my condition,” Qiao Mei said, putting on a pitiful face.

The guards looked at one another and decided to agree to Qiao Meis request.

If anything happened to Qiao Meis children, they would not be able to absolve themselves of the blame.

They escorted her to the big tree at the entrance of the He familys house to take a seat.

She reached out to touch her stomach.

This time, she was really grateful to these two little fellows.

Otherwise, she would have to stand there for a long time.

The two children seemed to have sensed Qiao Meis thoughts and moved vigorously.

Qiao Mei felt their presence and said with a smile, “You clever little things.”

Aristocratic families all seemed to have the same habits.

Wealthy families would plant trees near the main door to indicate that their families were prosperous and that their lineages would continue for generations.

The tree in front of the He familys house was a pine tree.

Old Master He probably hoped that the children and grandchildren of the He family would be as upright and unyielding as pine trees.

“What a waste of Old Master Hes painstaking efforts.

I dont think any of the He family members have good and honest thoughts,” Qiao Mei muttered softly.

Qiao Mei reached out to stroke the tree trunk.

The pine tree also greeted her mischievously.

She had realized that there was a new aspect to her energy and she could see the memories of plants within the last three days.

However, she had only just learned how to use it and was not very familiar with it.

That was why she could only go back three days.

This was like having surveillance cameras everywhere! It was simply too convenient! With this, she could easily find out anything she wanted to know.

When she knew how to use it properly in the future, she would go home and visit the cherry tree.

Perhaps she could discover something embarrassing about Xia Zhe when he was young…

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