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Section Chief Huang smiled and then said, “Everyone, continue! Continue digging! Dont miss any single detail!”

Even though He Guo knew the good intentions behind He Nings advice to him back then, the money he could earn from buying and selling those things was three times the income he could make domestically.

In the long run, it was definitely a substantial fortune.

Although the He family did not lack money, no one would ever complain about having too much money.

Even if He Guo had any regrets, it was too late now.

Xia Zhe held Qiao Meis hand and walked all the way to the alley that was furthest away from the He familys main door.

He did not care about the looks from the neighbors in the surroundings.

During this era, if a man and a woman were to interact too closely in public, they would be criticized for being indecent no matter their relationship.

In serious cases, if the couple was reported, they would even be criticized using posters.

Qiao Mei wanted to shake off Xia Zhes hand, but he held on tightly.

“Quickly let go.

What if those people report us Youll be punished if the army gets to hear of it!” Qiao Mei whispered.

Xia Zhe said without turning his head, “I dont care.

I have to ensure your safety.

Everything else is secondary.”

Qiao Mei looked at Xia Zhes big and strong back and felt a warmth in her heart.

This man was definitely worth relying on.

When he reached his destination, Xia Zhe vigilantly checked the surroundings for any danger.

After confirming that there was nothing unusual, he asked Qiao Mei to stay here.

Qiao Mei said to Xia Zhe, “You should go back quickly.

There are guards here to protect me.

When things get dug out in a while, elder brother and father will need your help.”

Xia Zhe shook his head.

He was really worried about leaving Qiao Mei here alone.

If He Ning instructed people to hold Qiao Mei hostage to threaten them, failing at the last step of their plan would be the least of their worries.

It would be a disaster if anything should happen to Qiao Mei.

“Its not like Im going anywhere.

You should go back quickly.” Qiao Mei pushed Xia Zhe in the direction where they came from.

She could not do anything if Xia Zhe stayed here.

“There are so many people around me.

Are you still worried even though its all already arranged by father Hurry up and go,” Qiao Mei urged.

The voices of the He familys eldest and second sons could be heard coming from the courtyard.

They usually did not talk much as He Ning was the head of the He family.

However, when they saw that He Ning had fallen ill because of this matter, they thought that they had to help stall for time.

Although they did not know what they could do, they knew that if they tried their best to stall for time, He Ning would have a chance to turn the situation around.

The two of them started pestering Section Chief Huang to persuade him to stop digging.

He Weis son, He Li, had already started to take action.

Xia Wen alone could not hold off so many people.

Moreover, if any Xia family member took action, this matter would become linked to the Xia family.

They should only watch over the He family and the Jiang family for now and wait for something to happen before they chip in to help.

Xia Zhe considered the troubling situation in front of him.

He had his wife on one hand and his familys political affairs on the other hand.

Both issues were not small matters and he did not know how to choose for a moment.

Qiao Mei patted his shoulder and said, “Get down to business first.

I have the ability to protect myself.

Father even sent guards.

You have to trust me and them.”

After much hesitation, Xia Zhe decided to settle the matter with the He family first.

Xia Zhe whispered to the people in the dark, “All of you, come out! Protect her well and dont let anything happen.”

“Yes!” All the guards who were in hiding came out and formed a circle around Qiao Mei.

From the outside, it was impossible to see Qiao Mei in the middle.

“You must protect her well.

Her safety is your top priority.

Do you understand!” Xia Zhe looked at them sternly.

The guards shouted in unison, “Understood!”

Xia Zhe took another look at the secure formation around her before he felt more at ease to go back to the He familys house.

Xia Zhe returned to the house and was about to help Jiang Shu when Xia Wen stopped him.

“Its still not the time for our Xia family to interfere.

Dont act rashly,” Xia Wen whispered.

Xia Zhe frowned and looked at the unreasonable He brothers.

He suppressed the anger in his heart and said, “Alright, Ill listen to elder brother.”

Xia Mao looked at Xia Zhe and asked, “Have you settled Qiao Mei in a safe place”

“Everything has been arranged.

The guards are all around her,” Xia Zhe said.

He Ning sat on a chair in the middle of the courtyard, panting heavily.

He held the armrest with one hand and covered his chest with the other, looking very uncomfortable.

Xia Zhe felt that He Ning was faking his current condition.

The He family was too busy now and probably would not attack the Xia family, but he could not let his guard down.

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