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Furious shouts could be heard from the crowd one after another.

These were all people from the families who had been set up by He Ning in the past.

Some of them were asked to come by the Xia family, while others had rushed over on their own after hearing the news so that they could see the He family get into trouble.


This was probably what it meant by everyone kicking a man who was down.

It was all He Nings own fault for doing all kinds of evil.

What He Ning said brought back painful memories for them.

They could not help but want to vent their frustrations on him and take revenge for the families who were wronged in the past.

“You must have asked all these people to come here.

It must have been really a tough job to be able to gather all of them,” He Ning said through gritted teeth as he looked at Xia Wen.

“What does this have to do with my family Didnt I say that were just here to watch the commotion Why are you so sure that we have anything to do with it Our Xia family didnt do anything,” Xia Wen said with a laugh.

“There are so many people in my courtyard.

It would be easy for anyone to frame me! Youre just trying to take advantage of the chaos to slander me!” He Ning said as he pointed at the people around him.

“Slander Everyone just stood at the door and never moved.

The people outside the door did not break into your courtyard.

How can we slander you” Xia Wen said.

“Then what about these workers! Dont they know how to hide things! Who knows if theyre trying to frame me! Cough, cough, cough…”



He Ning shouted so hysterically that his voice went hoarse and he lost all his strength to argue as he started to cough badly.

He Guo, He Wei and He Li rushed over to support He Ning.

He Guo immediately asked someone to bring a chair over.

If He Ning was to collapse now, the He family would really never be able to make a comeback.

Jiang Shu looked at He Ning disdainfully and said, “With such a weak body, you should go back and rest.

Besides, these workers dont know you at all.

Why would they frame you”

“Stop work! I want to check them one by one to see if theyre carrying anything!” He Li rushed to one of the workers and prepared to check his pockets.

Xia Zhe rushed over and grabbed He Lis wrist and said, “You have no right to speak here.

Get back and stay there.”

With that, he flung He Lis hand away forcefully as He Li took a few steps back from the impact.

Qiao Mei walked forward and whispered to the worker, “Are you alright”

“Thank you, Im fine,” the worker said with a smile.

“Section Chief Huang, please come and handle this matter,” Jiang Shu said.

Section Chief Huang looked at the He family and said calmly, “Ill get my men to flip out their pockets and show everyone everything they have.

What do you think”

“Who knows if they hide things in secret places.

If one of them hides things inside his pants, do I have to reach in to take a look!” He Li spoke vulgarly to Section Chief Huang.

Qiao Mei stood at the side and frowned.

Did this fellow not have any family upbringing He Wei did not look like a person who was full of obscenities and it was hard to imagine that he had a son like that.

Xia Zhe whispered to Qiao Mei, “Let me bring you out.

Its not convenient for you to be around later.”

Qiao Mei nodded.

Xia Zhe informed Xia Wen and Xia Mao and then brought Qiao Mei out of the courtyard.

“Since Young Master He is still so worried, then tell me what to do,” Section Chief Huang said.

He Li looked at the people around him and said, “All of you take off your clothes! We have to check every spot! Otherwise, we will think that you have something with you!”

Section Chief Huang did not know how to respond.

He turned to look at Xia Wen, who nodded.

If they did not do this, even if they dug up something, the He family would insist that they had been framed.

“Im sorry, brothers! Since the He family feels that were not fair enough, please take off your clothes and let Young Master He take a look! This will also prove our innocence!” Section Chief Huang said as he endured the humiliation.

The workers looked at one another and took off all their clothes, leaving only their undergarments on.

After a round of checks, there was nothing abnormal found on them.

Section Chief Huang stared at He Li and asked, “Young Master He, I suppose you can rest assured now.”

He Li could not think of any other solution and looked at He Ning helplessly.

If he could not find any other excuse now, the He family would not be able to overturn the evidence in the event that something was dug up.

He Guo looked at He Ning nervously and said, “Youngest brother… this…”

He Ning held He Guos hand tightly and whispered weakly into his ear, “This is the price we have to pay.

Theres nothing I can do about it.

Let them continue.”

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