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The scene in the courtyard was very similar to what had happened to the Xia family not long ago.

More than 20 men with shovels and hoes stood on both sides of the courtyard, waiting for the section chief to give the order to start work.

There were also experts looking around to find the best spots to dig.

A young and good-looking man stood in the courtyard.

Opposite him stood the eldest son of the He family, He Guo, and the second son, He Wei.

Behind He Wei was his son, He Li.

Neither party spoke as they quietly waited for the right timing.

The arrival of the Xia family broke the silence.

“I was wondering why you havent made a move.

So youre waiting for the Xia family to arrive,” He Wei said to the man as he looked at the Xia family members who had just entered through the door.

The man was unfazed and stood on the spot without saying anything.

He just stared fixedly at the He family members, as if he wanted to chop them into pieces.

“Do it!” the man said to Section Chief Huang, who was beside him.

Section Chief Huang was about to ask the people to start work when He Li pointed at them with a stick and said, “Lets see who dares to move! Do you really think you can behave so atrociously in our He familys territory! Wait for my little uncle! Dont even move!”

Qiao Mei looked at the person in the courtyard who was making threatening gestures.

He was probably the silly son of the He family that her youngest aunt, Xia Fang, had mentioned.

Xia Fang had previously told her that there were very few people in the He family.

He Wei did have two sons, but they were both useless.

When the children were first born, He Wei was still smug about it for a period of time.

It was only when they grew up that he realized the shortcomings of these two children.

The eldest son, He Li, had brute strength but no brains.

The second son, He Han, was timid and unwilling to speak.

He Ning arrived very late and made his way in slowly with his walking stick.

As soon as He Ning entered, he saw the Xia family and immediately understood everything.

The only person who could manage to find any Jiang family member was the Xia familys Xia Xiu.

As Xia Mao was still an elder after all, He Ning slowly walked up to him and greeted, “What brings Uncle Xia here”

“I heard from the neighbors that theres something going on at your house, so I came over to take a look,” Xia Mao said.

“Looks like theyve been waiting for Uncle Xia to come before they start work.

Since theyre all here, lets begin,” He Ning said to the man in the middle of the courtyard.

“Its your people who kept stopping me.

Otherwise, work would have started long ago,” the man said.

Xia Wen slowly walked up to He Ning and said, “We only heard about this from our neighbors.

This matter has nothing to do with our Xia family.

Were not the only people who have come to watch the commotion.

Does the He family disallow people to watch whats going on”

He Ning smiled and did not say anything.

“Since Mr.

He is here, lets begin,” the man said to Section Chief Huang.

Section Chief Huang made some simple arrangements and the men started work.

The bricks in the courtyard were lifted one by one and dust flew everywhere.

No one from the Jiang family, the He family or the Xia family said anything.

They were all observing each other, but everyone could feel the heated tension in the air.

Qiao Mei carefully sized up the good-looking man in the courtyard.

He looked about the same age as Xia Zhe and was dressed in burlap clothes with patches on the shoulders and elbows.

One look and she could tell that he had grown up in a poor village.

However, with his ramrod straight back and calm temperament, she could tell that he was destined to be an extraordinary person.

The man was also looking at the Xia family members.

It was early dawn and a ray of sunlight shone on the man.

His bright and piercing eyes which should have been filled with aspirations and ambitions were only filled with hatred at the moment.

He then stared fixedly at He Nings back, wishing he could tear the man apart.

He Ning seemed to have sensed something and turned around to look at the man with a smile.

“Jiang Shu, I havent seen you for so long, but you seem to be very different from before.

In the past, you always liked to hang out around me and call me Brother Ning.”

Back then, the Jiang family and the He family had three children each.

He Ning and Jiang Shu were the youngest kids, so they got along best.

He Ning was born with poor health, so as long as it was something He Ning wanted, Jiang Shu would think of a way to help him fulfill it.

He Ning also gave everything nice to Jiang Shu first.

On the day that they became enemies, Jiang Shu even wept and asked He Ning why he treated him and his family like this.

He Ning did not say anything and only left Jiang Shu with a view of his aloof back.

Ever since then, Jiang Shu kept to himself and became unwilling to talk to anyone.

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