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“Alright, Ill inform them to go there too.” With that, Xia Mao went to make the arrangements.

Xia Zhe leaned against the cabinet and heaved a sigh of relief.

This was only the second time he had lied to Xia Mao.

The first time was when he was young and he lied to Xia Mao that he had finished his homework so that he could go out and play.

Later on, his teacher found out and went to look for Xia Mao.

After he returned home and got a beating, he did not dare to do it again.

When Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei made their way there, the neighbors all glanced at them with a gossipy look in their eyes, as if they were asking whether this matter was done by their family.

“Xiao Zhe, did you guys do this” a neighbor asked curiously.

Everyone looked at Xia Zhe and waited for his answer.

Xia Zhe also pretended to look very surprised as he looked at the neighbors around him and asked, “Whats going on I dont even know what happened.

I only came here because I heard someone on the street say that something had happened to the He family.

What has happened to the He family”

“What else could it be Someone reported them,” the neighbor said.

“Oh my, who Who dares to report the He family” Xia Zhe looked at the people around him in disbelief.

The neighbors all played along with Xia Zhe.

After all, they were all of a certain socio-economic status and everyone could tell what Xia Zhe was thinking.

Since Xia Zhe wanted to put on an act, they would just play along with him.

It was better for them to side with the Xia family than the He family.

With the He family, no one knew when they would bite back.

“I heard that it was someone from the Jiang family who reported them.

And its related to that incident back then.

Dont you know anything about it given that the Xia family is so resourceful” the neighbor whispered.

“Hahaha, my wife and I have been resting at home recently.

We dont know much about these things,” Xia Zhe said with a fake smile.

“Sigh, didnt everyone from the Jiang family already escape Why are they back now”

“Who knows But theres going to be a good show today.”

“The He family has done many evil things.

I guess this can be considered their retribution.”

“Its not certain whos right or wrong in this matter.

Who knows what the third son of the He family will do.”

“Youre right…”

The people in the crowd chattered noisily about the past and made their guesses about what was going to happen today.

This scene looked very similar to what happened to the Jiang family 10 years ago.

Back then, there were also as many people surrounding the house.

This incident served as a constant reminder to Qiao Mei to be careful and take every step carefully so that she would not follow in the footsteps of the Jiang family.

In aristocratic families, not only did the family members have to learn to protect themselves, but they also had to protect the interests of the family.

No one could ever know whether decline or prosperity would come first.

The only thing they could do was to play their parts well.

“Sigh, the Jiang family is really pitiful.

Back then, our family had even received help from Old Master Jiang,” the neighbor said regretfully.

If not for the fact that it was a follow-up to the Jiang familys incident today, many people would not have come over to join in.

Old Master Jiang was a sore point in everyones hearts.

He had always helped others without asking for anything in return.

Many neighbors in the vicinity had received help from Old Master Jiang before, and found it a pity that the heavens were unfair and let evil people get their way.

Soon, Xia Mao and Xia Wen rushed over with the security guards.

From afar, they could see Xia Zhe waiting for them at the side with… that was Qiao Mei!

Xia Mao and Xia Wen were both shocked.

Xia Mao hurriedly walked forward, pointed at Xia Zhe and berated, “Why is Qiao Mei here! Youre simply messing around! What is she doing here!”

Ever since Qiao Mei married into the family, Xia Mao had always been amiable and had never said anything harsh to her.

This was the first time he had behaved like this.

Qiao Mei was so frightened that she hid behind Xia Zhe.

Xia Maos loud voice was like a clap of thunder.

When Xia Mao saw Qiao Mei like this, he also felt that he had spoken a little too harshly just now.

After all, Qiao Mei was not a soldier reporting to him.

This was a dainty young girl and not one of those rough men in the army.

Besides, Qiao Mei was pregnant with the eldest grandchild of the Xia family, so she could not be frightened.

It would not be good if it affected her pregnancy.

Xia Mao stood rooted to the spot, not knowing how to gently persuade Qiao Mei to go back.

After all, he had been speaking sternly for most of his life and never needed to be gentle, so he had no idea how to do it.

Only then did he understand that Xia Zhe did not ask for so many security guards as a precautionary measure.

Instead, it was to protect Qiao Mei as he was worried that something would happen to her.

At this moment, Xia Wen also had a stern expression on his face.

He had thought that Xia Zhe was a dependable person and he did not expect him to be so reckless.

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