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If it was not Xia Xiu who had gone to look for them, the Jiang family would not have dared to make an appearance so easily.

The crimes that they were accused of were very serious ones.

With such charges hanging over the Jiang family, they would be looked down upon for the rest of their lives.

The foundation and reputation that their ancestors had built up over the years had been destroyed in one day.

Not only did this matter affect the reputation of their ancestors, even the descendants of the Jiang family were affected.

They would never be able to join the military or enter politics, and could only do odd jobs to support their families.

In exchange for their reappearance this time, the Xia family had offered to do their best to ensure the safety of the Jiang family members and give them the chance to tell the truth about what happened back then and to seek redress.

Even if that could not be done, the Xia family would ensure that the Jiang family members could escape unscathed and start their lives afresh elsewhere with new identities.

Part of the reason why the Jiang family was willing to testify was also because of Xia Xiu.

Back then, they were the ones who had let Xia Xiu down.

For the sake of being with Jiang Jin, Xia Xiu even almost had a falling out with the Xia family.

She even asked Xia Jun to remove her from their family tree so that she was no longer a member of the Xia family.

Xia Mao was so angry that he knocked Xia Xiu out on the same day of the Jiang familys incident, marking the end of her marriage plans.

It was hard to say if it would have been a good marriage, but to the rest of the Xia family, it was an ill-fated relationship.

In order to make it up to the Jiang family, Xia Mao and Xia Jun had gone around asking for information about them but both of them gave up in the end as they could not find anything.

Only Xia Xiu persisted over the years.

This time, the Jiang family had brought along some strong evidence from back then.

The things that were currently buried in the He familys courtyard were from the same batch as what was dug up from the Jiang familys house back then.

In those years, the Jiang family had kept their things in many places and only one place had been dug up.

This time, when the Xia family went to look for the Jiang family to discuss countermeasures, they had brought out another thing to “return” to He Ning.

Qiao Mei finally figured out the ins and outs of this matter.

He Ning really deserved what he got.

She had thought that He Ning was only ruthless but not to the extent of killing people.

She did not expect him to be worse than she imagined.

In accordance with the plans of the Jiang and Xia families, there were already people at the He familys old house, getting ready to start digging.

Qiao Mei ran barefoot to the wardrobe to find a set of thicker clothes to wear.

It was still early in the morning and the dew was heavy, so it was still a little cold.

Xia Zhe frowned and lifted Qiao Mei in his arms.

He said sternly, “Youre not wearing shoes! What if you catch a cold like this! Its the middle of the night, why are you looking for clothes instead of going to sleep”

Of course it was to join in the fun!

Qiao Mei put her arms around Xia Zhes neck obediently and said, “I… I want to go and watch… watch the sunrise! Yes! To watch the sunrise!”

Xia Zhe carried Qiao Mei back to the bed helplessly. What sunrise was she talking about She clearly wanted to go and catch the show!

Qiao Mei suddenly remembered that the Xia family had just made a three-year agreement with He Ning earlier today. Were they going back on their word by doing this

Moreover, if they turned up before the news spread about the He family, He Ning would definitely deduce that this matter had something to do with the Xia family.

In the future, He Ning would definitely use this matter as a basis to take revenge on the Xia family.

He would even use the fact that there was a three-year agreement to talk about the Xia family being treacherous people.

However, she really wanted to see He Nings expression when he encountered such a situation.

He was usually the one who plotted against others.

She wondered how he would feel to be the one plotted against.

Even in the dark night, Xia Zhe could see the sparkle in Qiao Meis eyes, making him yearn for her.

He could not help himself from leaning down to kiss her gently, behaving like he was her most devout follower.

During such a romantic moment, Qiao Meis mind was preoccupied with the drama that she wanted to watch and she did not care about what Xia Zhe was doing.

Xia Zhe looked at the non-responsive Qiao Mei and pursed his lips.

“Young girl, what are you thinking about Hurry up and go to sleep.

Its almost dawn.

Ill go over to the He familys house after you fall asleep.”

Qiao Mei leaned forward and planted a kiss on Xia Zhes face and said fawningly, “Big brother~ Just bring me along~ Ill think of a random reason to explain why Im there.

Just say that I lost my way! Or that I want to take a walk! Otherwise, how about I just watch from afar”

Xia Zhe remained silent.

Things would get very serious later and he might not be able to watch out for Qiao Mei.

The Xia family members needed to be there to lend support to the Jiang family.

“Please~ Just bring me along~” Qiao Mei held Xia Zhes arm and rocked it gently.

This was the first time Xia Zhe had seen Qiao Mei acting so coquettishly with him, but this was not a reason to give in to her request. What if something unexpected happened However, he could not bear to reject her coldly.

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