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“The Jiang family rendered help for so many years.

Even if they didnt achieve much, they still deserved credit for their efforts.

Dont tell me the He family turned on them because of work issues Are the He family members all ingrates” Qiao Mei scolded indignantly.

“People die in pursuit of wealth, like how birds die in pursuit of food.

People always want to get the share they think they deserve.

Moreover, the He family kept feeling that there was something strange about the death of He Nings father,” Xia Zhe said.

“Didnt they say he died of illness” Qiao Mei asked Xia Zhe in surprise.

Xia Zhe did not understand everything that happened either.

At that time, he was still young.

However, Xia Wen had told him before that He Nings father did not pass away at home, but that he had an accident on a business trip.

Old Master Jiang was originally supposed to be the one going on this business trip.

“We dont know what exactly happened.

At that time, the news was very strictly suppressed.

Even my grandfather doesnt know the exact details.

Probably only the Jiang family and the He family know how He Nings father died.

All we know is that something suddenly happened to the Jiang family after that and their family was broken up overnight.

Old Master Jiang was also beaten up until he was on his last breath.

Later on, he passed away as he was too badly injured to be saved.

The rest of his descendants also suffered serious injuries and they later fled to different places,” Xia Zhe said.


At that time, Xia Zhe and Xia Wen were at the scene in person and saw with their own eyes the realities of human nature.

Qiao Mei was stunned.

She could not believe that Old Master Jiang had been beaten to death. Was there no law and order in place

Qiao Mei sat up in disbelief and looked at Xia Zhe as she asked, “Doesnt anyone care that this happened And they just let these people do whatever they want.”

Xia Zhe shook his head.

Too many people had rushed in then and no one knew who was involved.

In addition, everyone felt that the Jiang family deserved their fate and was unwilling to testify, so there was no investigation done on the matter.

“Someone reported that the Jiang family colluded with the enemy and committed treason in the past, and that they even engaged in opportunistic speculation.

Each one of these accusations is a serious crime on its own,” Xia Zhe said.

Opportunistic speculation meant the act of buying and selling items in private, which was not allowed in that era.


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