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He Ning paced around the room and He Mei did not dare to disturb him.

She knew that her uncle was thinking of a solution.

“You didnt manage to succeed because you werent bold enough! You have to be more proactive!” He Ning said to He Mei.

He Ning felt that Xia Zhe did not seem to have that kind of special taste in women.

The reason why Qiao Mei could succeed was definitely because she was proactive enough.

Xia Zhe did not look like a lecherous person at all.

Although Qiao Mei also did not look like she was a lusty woman, it was possible that the young lady, being inexperienced, knew no fear.

She might have used some tricks that made Xia Zhe unable to resist her, which allowed her to succeed.

Yes, that must be it.

“Ill find an opportunity to make Xia Zhe lose his mobility and be unable to fight back.

When the time comes, you must take the initiative.

Once the deed is done, this matter will be settled,” He Ning said.

Seeing that He Mei did not respond for a long time, He Ning asked, “You… you know what to do, right The thing that can make you pregnant”

He Meis face was so red that it looked as if it could drip blood and she nodded rapidly.

She only wanted to quickly move on from this topic and stop talking about it.

Huo Gao also did not dare to raise his head as his ears turned red.

Could it be that He Ning could not see that he was there He had known He Ning for so many years, but he did not know that He Ning was so audacious.

He could even bring up such a topic so casually, and it was even to his own niece.

However, if He Ning did not feel embarrassed, there was no use in others being embarrassed for him.

Furthermore, He Ning thought that it was a very good plan and that it could be executed flawlessly as long as He Mei tried hard enough.

If He Mei could also manage to get pregnant, then the Xia family would definitely have to give up on Qiao Mei.

One of them was a rich young lady whose family had the same status as the Xia family in the capital, and the other was just a girl from an unknown village.

Was it not obvious who was more suitable

At most, he would just give Qiao Mei more compensation when that happened.

Moreover, as long as this matter was resolved by the He family and Xia family in private, there would not be any problem.

Xia Zhe would not be criticized for having a messy private life and it would not affect his career.

He would still be able to contribute to the He family in the future.

As for Qiao Mei, her reputation would also not suffer any damage.

After she gave birth and left her child with the Xia family, she could come to this house to be his chef.


This plan would kill two birds with one stone.

It was such a good plan, so long as He Mei did not screw it up…

“Youd better dont mess it up! Go and learn more about what to do! Go back and wait for my news,” He Ning said.

He Mei hurriedly agreed and ran out of He Nings house.

Huo Gao also finally got all the herbs ready and ran to the pharmacy to brew the medicine.

He Ning watched Huo Gao leave and then looked at the time.

It was already two hours later than usual, but he did not feel any headaches or heart palpitations today.

He felt much better than yesterday.

He Ning took out the piece of paper Qiao Mei had written from his pocket and looked at it carefully from beginning to end.

The handwriting on the paper was neat but there were still some incongruities.

Occasionally, a prominent stroke would ruin the overall beauty of the handwriting, but one could clearly see the style of the person who wrote it.

He Ning looked at the words on the paper and felt a little emotional.

He heard that Qiao Mei had never gone to school, and that Qiao Qiang was also not very educated and only knew a few words.

It seemed that this village girl had really put in a lot of efforts to improve herself.

The reality was quite different from the results of his investigation.

He Ning called out to his attendant and instructed, “Prepare everything according to whats written here.

It must be brand new banknotes in the original bundles.

The food stamps also need to be brand new.

And get some specially issued food stamps as well.

Get as many as you can.”

He Ning was afraid that his attendant would not be able to remember the instructions, so he wrote down Qiao Meis verbal requests on the back of the piece of paper and handed it over.

His attendant was very efficient and completed the task in the time it took to brew the medicine.

He came back in a large truck, with all the required items filling up the entire truck.

The attendant was not able to find many new banknotes in the original bundles, but he managed to find a lot of dimes which occupied a lot of space.

“Why is it so full” He Ning asked as he looked at the truck parked at the door.

“I cant find many banknotes that can meet the requirements.

The truck is full of dimes which take up a lot of space,” the attendant said.

He Ning briefly looked at the different items and confirmed that whatever Qiao Mei wanted was there.

He then asked his attendant to count the quantity again.

He was somebody who could not allow any mistakes.

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