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By doing this, He Ning would be able to reach his goal without violating the three-year agreement.

It was Qiao Mei who did not have a good upbringing.

The Xia family only suffered embarrassment, but not any substantial damage.

Was this considered an attack against the Xia family Of course not.

As long as the Xia family chased Qiao Mei out, the familys reputation would still be preserved.

This way, there would be no harm at all.

This was originally a flawless plan, but He Ning no longer planned to carry it out.

When he met Qiao Mei in the morning, his impression of her was that she was a very scheming person.

Tonight, his impression changed when he saw how innocent and naive her revenge method was.

People from the countryside were just so lacking in knowledge and experience.

If the young lady felt wronged and then hurt herself, where could he find such a good chef


After tasting Qiao Meis cooking, it was no longer possible to eat the food made by the helper at home.

The food at home tasted like poison!

At the thought of this, He Ning felt a little frustrated.

He did not know how long he would have to wait to be able to eat food made by Qiao Mei again.

He Mei came back after settling the matter and said, “Little Uncle, Ive asked all the people outside to leave.”

He Ning nodded, then he suddenly thought of something.

He looked He Mei up and down.

“You should handle this matter yourself.

Theres no need to get someone else,” He Ning said to He Mei.

He Mei looked at He Ning in confusion.

She did not quite understand what He Ning was saying.

“Huh Me” He Mei asked.

He Ning nodded in satisfaction and said, “Yes, you.

The safest thing is to attack Xia Zhe directly.”

He Mei still did not understand what He Ning meant.

Previously, He Ning had said that if she targeted Xia Zhe directly, he was afraid that they would anger the Xia family and both families would suffer losses as a result.

That was why they decided to target Qiao Mei in the end.

“I went to the Xia familys house today and realized that Qiao Mei had a very high status in the Xia family.

Just a few photos alone will not be able to affect her position in the hearts of the Xia family.

Even if they see the photos, they will still choose to protect her,” He Ning said.

After all, the ginseng in Qiao Meis hands was a treasure to keep him in check.

They would definitely not give up on this granddaughter-in-law, so it was better to make a move on Xia Zhe.

“Find a way to spend time with Xia Zhe.

Its best if you can get pregnant, then Ill think of a way to make Xia Zhe take responsibility,” He Ning said.

He Mei blushed and muttered to herself, “I… Little Uncle, what are you talking about… Even if I take the initiative, Xia Zhe wont take the bait…”

He Ning looked at He Mei in puzzlement and asked, “You have tried it before”

He Mei stomped her feet.

How could he ask a young lady like her to speak about something like this However, if she wanted He Ning to help her solve this problem, she had to tell him.

“There was a time when he went to a mountain villa to settle some matters and I followed him there.

When it suddenly rained, we ran into a pavilion to take shelter from the rain.

I was drenched and wanted to get close to him for warmth, but he pushed me away.

He even ran out alone in the rain to get away from me…” He Mei said embarrassedly.


There was nothing wrong with her doing that, but the main point was that she did not manage to succeed!

He Ning was even more puzzled.

Although He Mei was not as beautiful as the current Qiao Mei, she was still slender and elegant.

She had countless admirers in the capital and had received many marriage proposals all this while.

In the past, Qiao Mei used to weigh more than 200 pounds.

Even if they met at night, was Xia Zhe blind Even if he was blind, did he have no sense of touch Was he unable to feel such a huge mass of flesh

Could it be that… Xia Zhe had been drugged at that time

However, the army trained soldiers to be able to know how to resist the effects of drugs and to have a certain level of tolerance for drugs.

What kind of drug could make a man be able to function normally even when he was unconscious Or was it a drug that gave Xia Zhe hallucinations that made him unable to control himself

He had never heard of such a drug before.

Or was it because Xia Zhe liked that kind of size in women His taste was different from others Yet, now that Qiao Mei had fair skin, was beautiful and had a delicate figure, Xia Zhe did not love her any less.

No one could work out how Qiao Mei had gotten her hands on Xia Zhe back then, not even the Xia family members.

He Ning looked at He Mei and said, “You should eat more and try to increase your weight to more than 200 pounds.

You wont be able to succeed now.”


He Mei looked at He Ning in shock.

She wondered if her Little Uncle was joking with her.

If she increased her weight to more than 200 pounds, even the other families would ignore her, not just Xia Zhe.

This was simply asking her to die!

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