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Back at the nursery, Huo Gao went to brew the medicine personally.

“If youre worried about security, you can get an iron cage to keep the ginseng.

Dont lock it in your safe again,” Huo Gao instructed as he brewed the medicine.

He Ning rubbed his stomach and agreed in a casual manner.

He thought about the meal he had at the Xia familys house.

He had a craving for the food again, it was as if he could never have enough of it.

It had been a long time since he felt this way.

The medicinal cuisine he ate at home tasted terrible.

If it was not for someone supervising him at mealtimes, he would not eat any of it at all.

In addition, his medicine was very bitter, so he was never in the mood to eat anything and never felt hungry.

He did not expect to suddenly develop an appetite now and felt that it must have something to do with the meal that Qiao Mei made.

Could it be that someone with good culinary skills could treat his illness

“Little Uncle! Did you manage to get the ginseng” He Mei rushed into the courtyard and asked He Ning excitedly.

“Yes I did,” He Ning said.

“Thats great! Little Uncle, then you will feel much better soon!” He Mei said agitatedly.

He Ning was the backbone of the He family.

If anything should happen to him, the He familys prestige would definitely be affected.

Her father had said so, and so did everyone else.

She also knew that without He Ning, she would definitely not be able to marry Xia Zhe.

Therefore, she truly hoped that He Ning would stay healthy and be able to live a long life.

“Little Uncle, the men are ready.

When do we start” He Mei asked.

He Ning was stunned for a moment.

Huo Gao, who was preparing the herbs, was also stunned and quickly stole a glance at He Ning.

He also wanted to know exactly how shameless and ruthless He Ning could be.

He Ning had only just eaten the food made by that person and now he was able to break up her family.

In any case, anyone else with a conscience would not be able to do it.

If not for the fact that the He family and the Huo family were old friends and he had known He Ning since they were young, he would not have become friends with He Ning.

After a moment of silence, He Ning said to He Mei, “Get rid of those people you found.

If needed, use money to dismiss them.”

He Mei was shocked. Why was he going back on his word

“Why! Little Uncle, didnt we agree on this!” He Mei screamed.

The ear-piercing sound made He Ning very unhappy.

He frowned and stared at He Mei.

He Mei immediately lowered her head and hunched her shoulders.

She whispered, “Im sorry, Little Uncle… I didnt mean to be so loud.

I was just a little surprised.”

He Ning closed his eyes and ignored her.

“Ill go and get them to leave now.” He Mei dawdled as she made her way out of the house.

He Ning suddenly opened his eyes and looked at He Mei intently.


“Little Uncle, have you changed your mind” He Mei looked at He Ning, hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

The displeasure on He Nings face became even more obvious.

He said sternly, “Youd better not play any tricks behind my back.

Get rid of all the people you found.

You must not carry out the plan.

Dont even dare to give me any excuse.”

“Dont ruin my plans, or else…” Before He Ning could finish, He Mei already understood what he meant.

He Mei had never seen He Ning speak to her in such a harsh manner as she was usually the most favored person in the family.

She was so frightened that her face turned pale and she could not even speak properly.

“I… Ill go now… Going now.

I definitely wont let them go and look for Qiao Mei!” He Mei hurriedly ran out to put a stop to their original plan.

They had the same goal, and that was to break up Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei.

There were many ways to do it and there was no need to take action now.

Previously, He Ning had asked He Mei to find a few men to find an opportunity to take a few photos together with Qiao Mei.

There was no need to capture Qiao Mei.

They just needed to isolate Qiao Mei and take a few photos with her while she was alone.

These men were told to approach Qiao Mei and talk to her, and then to take photos of the entire encounter.

No one would know exactly what they were talking about but the photos would show a man and a woman behaving in an ambiguous manner.

When the time came, Qiao Mei would definitely have a hard time explaining herself.

They wanted to create an impression that Qiao Mei had improper relationships with many men.

When they released the photos in public, Qiao Meis reputation would be tarnished and the Xia family would become a laughingstock.

After that, the Xia family would most likely ask Qiao Mei to leave for the sake of their reputation.

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