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“Xia Zhes wife said that you didnt specify the age of the ginseng you want and there were no other details.

This is all we have to offer,” Xia Mao said.

Sitting in the Xia residence, He Nings headache eased a lot.

He could smell the same fragrance from earlier.

After his visit in the morning, he had a splitting headache half an hour after leaving the Xia familys house.

Now that he was sitting inside the house, his headache had eased a great deal.

It seemed that the Xia family really had some form of treasure in their house.

He Ning looked closely at the Xia familys corridor, balcony, corners and backyard.

Although there were flowers and plants placed at all these places, they were the same types he had in his house before and were just ordinary plants.

Could these plants here be so form of mutated versions

“20 years is too short,” He Ning said with a frown.

“But you also heard from Senior Huo that the value of this ginseng is much higher than whats available on the market,” Xia Wen said.

He Ning glanced at Huo Gao, who nodded and said, “Indeed, its even better that those 50-year-old ones in the market.”

He Ning urgently needed ginseng to save his life at the moment.

If it was really good ginseng, he would have to take it even if it was only a 20-year-old ginseng.

From what the Xia family said, they seemed to have better ones in their possession.

“Whats the price” He Ning asked directly.

“Its 100,000 dollars, plus you have to leave the Xia family alone in the future,” Xia Wen said.

Xia Wen and He Ning used to be classmates and were considered to be peers.

Although they never really got along, Xia Wen was the person most suitable to conduct this negotiation.

He Ning was still too junior to speak with Xia Jun.

“I see… You want to ensure peace for your entire family for a lifetime with just one ginseng…” He Ning said as he gently tapped his knee with his fingertips.

Seeing this, Xia Wen leaned back on the sofa and spread his hands out.

“In that case, if youre not satisfied, then forget it.

After all, your whole lifetime is not very long.”

He Ning raised his head and gave Xia Wen a fierce look.

This was the reason why he had never liked Xia Wen since he was young.

Everyone said that Xia Wen was a perfect gentleman, but in reality, he was the one with the sharp tongue and evil heart.


“The amount of 100,000 dollars is not a problem, but to tie my hands for your entire lifetime… This wont do.

If you come and find trouble with me, do I then have to endure it Besides, youre only giving me a 20-year-old ginseng,” He Ning said.

“Our Xia family does not attack others,” Xia Wen said.

He Ning smiled and said, “People change.”

He had yet to welcome Xia Zhe into his fold, so he was not going to let the Xia family off so easily.

He did not want to give in on this matter.

“For 20 years then,” Xia Wen said.

He Ning shook his head and said, “One year.”

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