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Based on what the Xia family members knew about He Ning, he would not give up until he got what he wanted.

At this moment, they did not know what else he would do to get his hand on this ginseng.

It was not a bad idea to use this ginseng to exchange for a peaceful time.

It would be a good deal for them.

They agreed to do it that way.

Xia Wen sighed and said, “Would it make us look like were easily bullied”

He Ning had already attacked them three times and created a big fuss each time.

Yet, in the end, they were going to use the ginseng to “make peace” with him.

Those who did not know better would think that they were afraid of the He family.

Xia Jun laughed loudly and said, “Xiao Wen, his life is in our hands.

Who do you think is the weaker one”

Xia Wen paused and thought that it made sense.

If Qiao Mei did not give him the ginseng, he would not have long to live.

They also did not intend to give him the ginseng for free.

Their price for it was 100,000 dollars, with the additional condition of leaving the Xia family alone in the future.

The transaction would be fair and just and there was no such thing as to who was weaker.

However, this ginseng was a consumable item.

At this moment, they were taking what each of them needed and it was mutually beneficial, but what about the next time

Would He Ning do the same thing again

The Xia family truly did not lack anything.

If there was a next time, it could only be He Ning coming to beg the Xia family again.

“Mei Mei, come here.

Tell grandfather the truth.

How many ginseng do you have left Do you still have any more 100-year-old ginseng” Xia Jun asked.

He wanted the information so that he knew how to approach any future negotiations with He Ning.

He did not want to reach any settlement that Qiao Mei would not be able to fulfill, as that would be like playing a trick on He Ning.

If He Ning was angered enough to go all out to destroy the Xia family, it was not something that they could handle.

Qiao Mei blinked.

Well… she could not say that she could actually have as much as she wanted.

“My grandfather has a big box that he uses to specially store ginseng.

He treasures that box very much, so I dont know how many ginsengs there are inside.

But there should still be a few 100-year-old ginsengs.

When I left back then, I saw him take one out of a bunch of them,” Qiao Mei said.

The Xia family fell silent again…

Was it really that easy to find 100-year-old ginsengs

“Then when your grandfather is feeling better and comes over to the capital, Ill ask him myself,” Xia Jun said.

Not long after that, the doorbell downstairs rang.

It was He Ning and a stranger at the door.

Xia Jun asked Qiao Mei to put away the ginseng root and went downstairs with the 20-year-old ginseng.

At the moment, he was only going to use this small ginseng to negotiate with He Ning.

However, he still did not know how to thank Qiao Mei for the ginseng.

Qiao Mei carefully put away the remaining ginseng root.

When Xia Wen saw what she did, he smiled again. If this young girl did not know the value of the ginseng root, why would she treasure it so much

Qiao Mei pretended not to see Xia Wen looking at her and quietly absorbed one-third of the energy from the 20-year-old ginseng.

She definitely could not give such a good ginseng to He Ning.

She had already intended to sell this ginseng so that she would have money for emergencies, thus it did not matter who she sold it to and how much energy it contained.

However, if it was going to be sold to He Ning, then there was no need to give him any additional benefits.

Xia Wen personally went to open the door to let He Ning and the stranger in.

All the womenfolk of the Xia family went upstairs to avoid the visitors while Qiao Mei went to the kitchen to cook.

She did not want to eat the food made by Liu Fen and Xia He.

When Qiao Mei entered the kitchen, she realized that the two women had very strong self-awareness and had prepared all the ingredients for her so that she could just proceed to do the cooking.

Given that Liu Fen had gone to the market this morning, there was even a fish among the ingredients.

The fish was already cleaned and gutted and ready to be cooked.

Liu Fen and Xia He had nothing else to do and went upstairs as well, leaving Qiao Mei alone in the kitchen.

In the main living area, Xia Wen took out the cloth bag containing the ginseng and placed it on the table.

He Ning asked the man beside him to take a look.

“This is ginseng thats about 20 years old.

The quality is also much better than ordinary ginseng,” the man said.

“You must be Senior Huo,” Xia Wen said with a smile.

Huo Gao looked at Xia Wen in surprise.

He did not think that there were still people among the younger generation who remembered him.

Ever since he went into the He familys employment and became He Nings doctor, he had retired from active work for many years and had not had any other patients.

“Very few young people remember me,” Huo Gao said with a smile.

“Senior Huos name is so well-known.

Please dont be so humble,” Xia Wen said.

After the two men exchanged a few pleasantries, He Ning spoke slowly, “Why is it only 20 years”

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