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The sense of doubt that had been in Xia Juns heart for many years also finally cleared up at this moment.

He realized that there was nothing wrong with letting his children and grandchildren find their own marriage partners.

It was his three sons who were blind! Look at how Xia Zhe managed to find such a good wife!

At this moment, the other women of the Xia family arrived home in a rush.

They did not receive any calls from He Ning, but had received notifications to come home while they were still on their way to raise the money.

As soon as Xia He entered, she took out an envelope and placed it on the table.

“This is all my savings from all these years.

I should still be able to borrow some more money.

See if its enough.”

Xia He actually did not have good relationships with people at home and at her workplace.

She was also not sure if she would be able to borrow any money from anyone.

Xia He came from a good family, had a good figure, was beautiful and capable, and had a slightly cold personality.

People around her actually did not like her very much.

At this moment, there were probably many more people who wanted to watch her go through the ordeal rather than help her.

Liu Fen looked at everyone with an embarrassed expression and took out 2,000 dollars.

When she reached her parents house, she had been chased out by them.

They said that a few of her nephews were going to get married this year and the family did not have any money left.

Her sisters-in-law even asked her for money.

She had to hold on to her bag desperately to keep it safe.

This was all the money she had at home.

Xu Lan took out 1,000 dollars and placed it on the table.

“I borrowed this amount from a few colleagues.

Ill go and get the rest of the money we have at home.”

Xu Lan went upstairs and took out a mahogany box containing 20,000 dollars.

Xia Mao was earning a good salary of more than 200 dollars a month, and he also had good benefits at the workplace.

Usually, all his benefits were more than enough to subsidize the familys expenses.

Xia Mao did not socialize much and even when he did, it was usually other people who paid for him, so he was able to save all his money.

This box contained his life savings.

Xu Lan hugged the box and sighed.

It had not been easy for them to save up this amount through the years, but now she was going to lose everything because of Zhou Hua!

However, no matter how much her heart ached, she still had to take it out.

It was more important to save the family first.

Xu Lan had just reached the door when she paused to think for a moment.

Then, she turned back and took out all the gold and silver jewelry she kept at home.

She felt that she should be able to exchange them for some money.

When Xu Lan went downstairs, she saw that Xia Fang had also arrived and placed down 10,000 dollars on the table.

Xia Fang had been promoted to chief physician in the hospital during the past two years, and she had a very good salary and other benefits.

Xu Lan looked at all the money placed on the table and thought that it looked to be enough.

She wondered if the old master had 10,000 to 20,000 dollars to spare No one knew about the old masters financial situation.

He did not socialize or spend money often, but he was always very willing to help his old comrades and often sent money to them.

Perhaps the old master did not have any money left.

It was something that nobody could tell.

Xu Lan suddenly saw Qiao Mei holding a cloth bag and remembered that Xia Zhe had given Qiao Mei 2,000 dollars alongside all his other gifts to her! Then there was also the amount of 2,000 dollars that Xia He had given her to compensate her for her jewelry.

That meant that Qiao Mei had 4,000 dollars.

This cloth bag was not big and did not seem to hold much money inside.

Would she bear to take out all her money

As for Tan Jing, Xu Lan did not hold any hopes.

She was thankful so long as Tan Jing did not come home to ask her for money.

She knew that her eldest son did not have an easy life.

Seeing that everyone was here, Qiao Mei opened the small cloth bag in her hand.

As she opened it, she said, “I originally planned to give this to Xia Zhe to keep for emergencies, so I didnt think of it at the first instance.”

Qiao Mei placed the opened cloth bag on the table.

It contained the 20-year-old ginseng as well as a small piece of ginseng root.

The ginseng root was from a king of ginseng that was more than 1,000 years old! However, the Xia family members did not have any medical training and would not be able to tell how potent it was, so she did not want to scare them.

All the women of the Xia family were stunned by what they saw.

However, they wondered where they could find a buyer at such short notice

“This ginseng is not money.

It cant help to make up the 50,000 dollars,” Liu Fen said anxiously.

Xia Wen told them in detail about what happened between Qiao Mei and He Ning this afternoon.

After Xu Lan heard everything, she looked at Qiao Mei with a meaningful look in her eyes.

She now found this villager daughter-in-law much more pleasing to the eye.

“This ginseng is 20 years old.

I dont know how old this ginseng root is.

My grandfather had asked me to keep it for Xia Zhe,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Mei was unwilling to say much about the ginseng root.

It would scare people to talk about a thousand-year-old ginseng root.

However, the main issue was that Qiao Qiang did not know about this yet and might not be able to corroborate her story when asked.

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