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He Nings eyes lit up.

It looked like Qiao Mei still had more ginseng, even if what she had left may not be as good as the previous 100-year-old ginseng.

He was still fairly sure that even if she only had ginseng that were tens of years old, the quality would still be much better than what was currently available in the market.

He Ning was finally able to relax.

As long as Qiao Mei had ginseng, he would definitely be able to get it.

Before he came, the only thing he was worried about was that she did not have any left.

“This ginseng is yours.

You can make your own decisions, so why do you need the Xia familys approval” He Ning asked.

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Although this ginseng is mine, I still need the Xia familys permission to sell it to people targeting the Xia family.

After all, Im the Xia familys daughter-in-law, so I naturally have to side with the Xia family.”

He Ning was a little stunned by Qiao Meis attitude.

He had previously asked around about Qiao Mei and no one had said anything about her having such a sharp tongue.

Qiao Mei did not pretend to be innocent and ignorant like she did with others when she wanted to charm them.

When it came to He Ning, there was nothing else she could do aside from going head-on with him.

Even if she put on a front, He Ning would still know it was an act.

Instead of circling around with He Ning, it would be better to just go straight to the point.

This would also let He Ning know that she was not someone to be trifled with and make him think twice before doing anything.

He Ning had indeed reevaluated Qiao Mei.

Previously, he thought that Qiao Mei was just an ignorant girl who grew up in the countryside.

Now, the “village girl” was proving to be very difficult to deal with and was even making him look bad.

The fact that the Xia family let a village girl marry into their family did not make them worse off.

Instead, they had added another capable person into their fold.

“That means… the Xia family has to decide on the matter of the 100-year-old ginseng Do you have any requests that I can satisfy, perhaps like 100,000 dollars A house An easy and reputable job As long as you ask for it, I can help you.” He Ning deliberately emphasized the phrase “100-year-old ginseng”.

Qiao Mei understood what He Ning meant, but she did not intend to reveal her thoughts now.

“Dont worry, if there is anything I can offer you, it will only be better than the one you had.

I dont really want anything.

It mainly depends on the Xia family.

Whatever condition that the Xia family asks for will also be my condition since I stand together with them.

But if the Xia family is unwilling to give it to you… then theres really nothing I can do,” Qiao Mei said.

He Ning stared at Qiao Mei and did not say anything.

This was really a very smart person.

He had found the women of the Xia family to be all very stupid.

Now, they had finally found an outstanding woman to make up for this shortcoming.

“You can send all the members of the Xia family home now.

Im going into the house to take a rest.

Goodbye.” After saying that, Qiao Mei closed the inner door and returned to her bedroom.

It took her a while to realize that Xia Zhe and Liu Fen had both been diverted away by He Ning.

Xu Lan usually went out early and was seldom at home.

He had done that so that he could come and look for her when she was alone.

He Ning looked at the closed main door of the Xia family house.

Before he came, he thought that she was a village girl who could be easily deceived and it would be easy to take the ginseng from her.

He did not expect her to be so smart, and for this whole matter to become more troublesome than before.

With the door closed tightly, there was no longer any trace of fragrance.

After He Ning left, all the Xia family members returned very quickly.

Xia Jun, Xia Mao, Xia Zhe and Xia Wen were the first few to return.

After getting out of the car, Xia Zhe rushed into the house to look for Qiao Mei.

“Qiao Mei! Qiao Mei!” Xia Zhe shouted in the living room.

Seeing that Qiao Mei was not in the living room, he headed straight to the bedroom on the second floor.

When he pushed open the door and saw Qiao Mei resting in bed, he was finally able to feel relieved.

Xia Zhe slowly made his way to the bed and gently stroked Qiao Meis head.

“Im so glad that youre fine…”

Qiao Mei felt that there was someone next to her and slowly opened her eyes.

When she saw that it was Xia Zhe, she said in a childish voice, “Huh Oh, youre back.”

Xia Zhe hugged Qiao Mei and said in a voice laced with guilt, “Im sorry, I was so careless.

I shouldnt have left you at home alone.”

Qiao Mei hugged Xia Zhe back and said, “Im fine.”

“Did he bully you Did he threaten you” Xia Zhe looked at Qiao Mei and asked.

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Threaten me Its already good enough that I didnt threaten him.

Is everyone back”

Xia Zhe nodded and said, “Yes.

Grandfather, father and elder brother are all back.”

“Come, lets go downstairs to see them,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Mei tidied up and went downstairs with Xia Zhe.

The Xia family members sat in the living room solemnly and got ready to discuss this matter.

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