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“Come in!” He Ning shouted towards the door.

The attendant outside quickly walked to He Nings side.

“The person you told me about today… that person from the Xia family…” He Ning looked at his attendant with a perplexed expression.

“Zhou Hua, the wife of Xia Guang, the third son of the Xia family,” said the attendant.

“Yes, her.

Hows the matter going” He Ning asked.

His attendant had reported this matter to him in the daytime, but he was feeling too dizzy to pay attention then.

“Zhou Hua asked for the ginseng but did not manage to get it, and Xia Zhe even found out that she had been in contact with you.

He had already sent her to Xia Guang during the night,” said the attendant.

He Ning looked at his attendant in disbelief. That woman could actually mess up this matter

“What did you say Asked for Didnt I give her money How did it become a situation where she went to ask for the ginseng” He Nings eyes seemed a little dazed as he wondered what had gone wrong.

His goal was to get the ginseng whatever it took.

At that time, he felt that the fastest way was to buy the ginseng through someone else and that was how they found Zhou Hua.

He knew that if he went personally to the Xia family to buy the ginseng, he would definitely not be able to get it.

He could only make use of Zhou Hua.

He Ning did not lack money.

Besides, there was no need to scheme against the Xia family for ginsengs.

It was not something to lose his dignity over.

As long as the Xia family wanted to sell the ginseng, it should not matter who they sold it to, even if it was someone sent by him.

There was no need for him to snatch it by force.

He had even offered a large sum of money.

He promised Zhou Hua that he would take any number of ginseng that was available.

If it was a 100-year-old ginseng, he would give Zhou Hua 200,000 dollars as a thank-you gift.

If it was a 50-year-old ginseng, he would give her 100,000 dollars.

At that time, He Ning had even given Zhou Hua an initial payment of 50,000 dollars, as he was worried that Zhou Hua would think that he was insincere.

However, Zhou Hua had actually pocketed the money now.

This incompetent and stupid woman! None of these things had gone smoothly recently!

He Ning was so angry that he closed his eyes and fell to the side.

“Third Master He!” Both the doctor and the attendant were so shocked that they immediately held on to He Ning.

He Ning leaned weakly against the doctor.

“Cough, cough, cough… Does the Xia family know that I gave Zhou Hua money” He Ning asked.

“I dont think so,” the attendant said.

That made sense.

If she had told them about this, the Xia family would have already sent the money back to him.

They would not have waited.

“I underestimated her.

I actually got cheated by a woman.

Cough, cough, cough.

How impressive.” He Ning panted and then said, “Go and tell the Xia family this piece of news.

My money cant go to waste like this! Cough, cough, cough!”

“Yes, Ill go now.” The attendant immediately went to the Xia familys house.

The doctor slowly helped He Ning to catch his breath and said, “At that time, I already said that we cant offend the Xia family.

Even though they still have ginseng now, you cant negotiate a deal with them even if you wanted to.

If anything, the whole issue has become so convoluted after what happened.

Its even less likely for their family to be willing to offer you any ginseng now.”

“Its not my intention to offend the Xia family, nor do I want to do anything nasty to them.

That Qiao Mei was so fat in the past, but she still managed to marry Xia Zhe.

I thought that she must have used some tricks so I wanted to give the Xia family a reason to dump such a person.

I never expected her to be so capable.

Sigh… I have underestimated my enemy,” He Ning said with a sigh.

“Is it still possible for you to underestimate your enemy” the doctor said with a smile.

“Me One cant spend decades tap dancing on hornets nests and not expect to be stung.

Its not possible for me to succeed in everything.

As for that matter of digging for treasures, even if anything is found, I have a way to get the Xia family off the hook completely.

Since I want Xia Zhe to be our He familys son-in-law, naturally there cant be a stain on his reputation.

I just didnt expect them to be able to escape unscathed,” He Ning said.

He Ning muttered, “Without the Xia family, Xia Zhe is nothing.”

The doctor also agreed with this point, but it was not something he should interfere in.

His job was to take care of He Nings health and help him to live for a few more years.

“These things are not important, but you cant do without ginseng now.

Otherwise, you wont be able to hold on for long,” the doctor said anxiously.

He Ning understood this very well too.

“That Qiao Mei should still have some left.

Ill go and look for her personally tomorrow.

This matter cant be delayed any longer.” He Ning closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

They had used so many tricks against Qiao Mei but none succeeded.

He could only feel at ease if he took action personally.

He could not afford to have another failed attempt.

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