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The autumn air was refreshing after the scorching sun set.

After dinner, Qiao Mei started work on the vegetable garden and fruit trees at home.

They were not in the courtyard house now as it was not ready yet.

They were now at Xu Lans house and they intended to plant the fruit trees they had bought previously.

Based on Xia Maos seniority, the house he lived in was much bigger than the house of an ordinary family and had two yards.

If they planted two fruit trees, there would be a nice shaded area that the family could use during summertime.

After they were done, they still had a peach tree left.

Qiao Mei thought about giving it to Xia Jun.

“Lets give this peach tree to grandfather.

He loves peaches the most,” Xia Zhe said as he looked at the extra sapling in Qiao Meis hands.


I also intend to give this to grandfather too,” Qiao Mei said with a sweet smile.

In the backyard where they planted the trees, Qiao Mei said, “We would be able to get a harvest after a while.

Then well have fruits to eat.”

Liu Fen was lazing around at the side when she heard this.

She laughed and said, “How can it be so fast At the earliest, it will only bear fruit next year.”

“No, Third Aunt-in-law.

I bought a three-year-old sapling.

Its able to bear fruits this year,” Qiao Mei said.

“To think that youre from the countryside.

Saplings dont like to bear fruits in the first year that they are planted.

We have to wait until next year,” Liu Fen said.

Qiao Mei muttered softly, “Just because they dont like it doesnt mean they cant.

Youll definitely be able to eat fruits this year.”

Xia Zhe whispered to her, “I believe you.

Itll definitely bear fruit this year.”

Qiao Mei smiled brightly at Xia Zhe.

Even when people around said that what she did was impossible, Xia Zhe was still willing to believe her.

It was a good feeling to have.

Qiao Mei patted the dirt off her hands and went into the house to wash her hands.

This year, the fruit trees must bear fruits.

She wanted the Xia family to slowly get used to the fact that she knew how to cultivate flowers and plants and fruit trees.

She was looking to make money from this in the future.

At the thought of this, Qiao Mei looked at her stomach.

She was about to become a mother and would not have much time to go out and start a career.

The current social environment also did not allow her to go out and start a career.

Qiao Mei did not really want to socialize with outsiders.

She might as well plant flowers, grow plants and sell fruits from home.

She could still earn a lot of money but in a relaxed manner.

It was dark after they planted the trees.

Xia Zhe brought Qiao Mei back to the room.

It was Tuesday, so there were no television programs in the second half of the day.

The television station staff took their break on Tuesday afternoons.

Then again, Xia Zhe had already realized that Qiao Mei did not like to watch television.

Coincidentally, he did not like to watch television either.

He had something important to do tonight!

His wife had said that he could use his mouth but not his hands! Since she had already made such a request, he would not stand on ceremony.


“What are you doing…” Qiao Mei pushed Xia Zhe with some difficulty, but her arms were so weak that she could not exert any strength.

No wonder Xia Zhe was acting so strangely today.

He was happy to do anything she asked him to do.

It turned out that he was up to no good!


Previously, Xia Zhe had only tried his luck.

Now, he was really going overboard.

“Stop it!” Qiao Mei pouted.

However, at this point, it was impossible to stop.

Every moment of the night was precious.

While a sultry night was only just beginning at the Xia residence, it was not such a comfortable night at the He residence.

He Ning lay on the bed and tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.

Without the fragrance of flowers in the air, it felt as if he had run out of oxygen.

His head hurt and he could not breathe.

The medicine tonight also seemed to be very different from usual, as if it had lost its effect.

Previously, he would feel refreshed after drinking the concoction and feel much less ill.

Moreover, he could clearly feel that his body was slowly getting better.

However, he started feeling more and more uncomfortable today and it even felt as if he did not have long to live.

He Ning immediately called the doctor and asked him to come over.

After the doctor took He Nings pulse, he felt that something was wrong.

Then he looked at the dregs of the medicine that He Ning had taken.

There was nothing wrong with the medicinal dregs, but there was something wrong with the ginseng that he would never bear to throw out.

The doctor immediately opened He Nings medicinal safe to check on the remaining ginseng.

He Ning had locked the precious thing away in the safe so that no one could see it.

Every time, he would personally take out a small piece before getting his subordinates to brew the medicine.

Apart from him, only the doctor knew the password to this safe.

This was so that if he was dangerously ill, the doctor could come and retrieve the medicinal herbs that could save his life.

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