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“Im sorry, Aunt.

My sister is so immature.

I hope you wont take it to heart.

Shes still a child,” Kong Lu said with an apologetic smile.

Xia He said from the side, “Your sister treats me like this in my own house.

How dare she speak to my aunt in this manner now Do you think that my Xia family can be easily bullied”

To Xia He, Old Madam Kongs insults and Kong Li ordering her to do things were all her own family matters.

Since she had married into the Kong family, she had no choice.

However, for such things to happen to any Xia family members, she deemed it to have crossed her bottom line.

“No, no.

It was a slip of the tongue on my sisters part.

I hope you can forgive her,” Kong Lu said.

“One week.

This money must be repaid within one week.

Dont you have plenty of money at home We just found out today that your sister has so much money.

Ive spent so much money on your family for so many years.

Im sure all your brothers also have money.

Just pool all your money together and pay it back within a week! Call your mother tomorrow!” After saying that, Xia He slammed the table and brought Xia Fang back to the bedroom, unwilling to spend another moment with the Kong siblings.

Kong Lu sat on the chair dejectedly, not knowing what to do about this matter.

Kong Li seemed to understand that she had gotten into trouble and returned to the bedroom silently, not daring to make a sound.

Kong Lu cleaned up the dining table and kitchen and planned to sleep on the sofa in the living room for the night.

Xia He had not told him where to sleep.

There was only one room left in Xia Fangs house, but it was Xia Zhes room, so he did not dare to enter rashly.

Xia He suddenly came out and said, “Its already late.

Hurry up and bring your sister to a guest house to stay for the night.

There wont be any good rooms left if you wait any longer.”

Kong Lu paused his actions.

He did not expect that he could not even stay here

Kong Li rushed out of the room and questioned, “Its so late and you want to chase us away! Isnt there another room Why cant he stay there!”

“Thats my brothers room.

He doesnt like others going inside,” Xia He said.

“I… I can make do in the living room for the night,” Kong Lu said as he looked around and pointed at the sofa.

“Theres no need to make do.

What if my aunt wakes up in the middle of the night while youre sleeping in the living room Its inconvenient for you to be here.” Xia He took out everything belonging to Kong Lu and Kong Li from the room and said, “Hurry up and call your mother.

The earlier you get the money back, the sooner my aunt can watch television.”

“You!” Kong Li was so angry that she wanted to go up and argue with Xia He, but Kong Lu stopped her.

“Your luggage is all here.

Take care.

I wont send you off.” With that, Xia He returned to the room.

Kong Li asked angrily, “Elder brother, why should we leave!”

She was not willing to go to the guest house.

There was nice food and drinks here and the bed was big.

It was so comfortable to live in a big house.

She would not even be able to toss and turn in the hard little bed in the guest house, so she did not want to go!

“Stop talking and go take your things from the room,” Kong Lu said.

Seeing Kong Lus somber expression, Kong Li did not dare to complain anymore.

She slowly packed up her luggage in the bedroom to leave with Kong Lu.

Before she left, she looked at Xia Hes bedroom and spat on the floor.

If not for Kong Lu, she would have fought with Xia He earlier.

When she turned around, she saw Kong Lu staring at her fiercely.

Kong Li was so frightened that she shivered and did not dare to walk forward.

“Is this how you usually treat your sister-in-law” Kong Lu asked.

Kong Lu had spoken softly, but it sounded like an explosion in Kong Lis ears.

She suddenly recalled all the previous reminders from Old Madam Kong that in front of Kong Lu, she must treat Xia He well, listen to Xia He and show respect.

Only in this way could they continue to act like tyrants and enjoy life.

If Kong Lu found out the truth, it would be over.

In the end, she had been too comfortable and presumptuous for the past two days and had forgotten about all this…

What should she do now… Kong Li looked at Kong Lu motionlessly and did not even dare to breathe out loud.

The neighbor next door opened the door and came out to throw out the trash.

Kong Lu turned around and rushed downstairs.

He had already embarrassed himself enough in front of the neighbors today and did not want to see them anymore.

Kong Li followed closely behind and did not dare to cause any delay.

Now, she could only tread carefully and do whatever Kong Lu said.

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