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There was a reason why Kong Lu had never seen her like this before.

In the past, every time before Kong Lu returned home, Old Madam Kong would hold Kong Lis ear and tell her 800 times about what she should and should not do, so that she would not expose her true nature in front of Kong Lu.

Today, after Kong Li had gotten into trouble and without Old Madam Kong around to give her advice, she had long forgotten about these reminders and simply treated Xia He in her usual manner.

“She didnt take the initiative to return the jewelry.

Qiao Mei came to the house and personally removed it from her body.

I dont intend to take back the money anymore.

Im treating it as a first-meeting gift for my sister-in-law,” Xia He said as she looked at Kong Lu.

When Kong Li heard that such a big sum of money would be given to Qiao Mei, she immediately became anxious.

She pointed at Xia He and scolded, “Pfft! Why! Thats our familys money! A first-meeting gift of 2,000 dollars! Isnt your gift a little too big! How can she be so shameless as to take our familys money!”

“So what if its 2,000 dollars Ive already spent more than 7,000 dollars on your brothers.

Whats wrong with me giving my younger brother 2,000 dollars!” Xia He shouted back loudly.

“Thats money I earned myself! I can spend it however I want!”

“You! Wait for me to go back and tell my mother.

Ill see how she deals with you! Besides, didnt you lend all that money to my brothers! Its not like you gave it to them for free.

When the time comes, theyll return it to you!” Kong Li stomped her feet in anger.

It was 2,000 dollars they were talking about.

Xia He nodded happily and said, “Thats right.

They have to return it to me.”

Kong Li was still immersed in the matter of Qiao Mei being given 2,000 dollars for free and did not notice what she had just said.

“When you go and get the 7,000 dollars back from your brothers, Ill go and get the 2,000 dollars back from my brother,” Xia He said to Kong Lu.

She knew that Kong Lu would not be able to do it.

Old Madam Kong would not even take out 70 dollars from her pocket, let alone 7,000 dollars.

Kong Lu also knew this very well.

“Xia He! Have you prepared the money your family owes me! I still have to go to work!” There was suddenly a knock on the door.

Kong Lu looked at the door in shock.

That woman had agreed to give him until tomorrow at the latest! Why was she here to ask for money now!

Xia He gave Kong Lu a meaningful look.

If there was a hole in the floor in the house now, Kong Lu would crawl into it.

“I… I dont have any money left,” Kong Lu whispered to Xia He.

Xia He spread her hands and said, “I dont have any money.

What I showed you just now is all the money I have left.”

Kong Lu froze on the spot and did not move.

For the first time, he felt that the knocking on the door was like the sound of his doomsday and it made him panic.

“But I can tell you that your sister definitely has more than 700 dollars in her bag,” Xia He said.


Both Kong Lu and Kong Li were shocked.

“Xia He, youre talking nonsense! I dont! Dont talk nonsense!” Kong Li shouted in a state of panic and hurriedly rushed back into the room and locked the door.

Xia He sneered and pointed at the door.

“Look at your good sister.”

Kong Lu felt a little embarrassed. Kong Li did not have a job, so where did she get so much money

Even if Kong Li had money, it could only be pocket money given by Old Madam Kong.

It was impossible for Kong Li to have so much money herself.

An ordinary family might not even have 700 dollars, and he also had not even given Xia He that much money after being married for so many years…

Kong Lu slowly walked to the bedroom door and kicked it open.

It was an old house and all the locks had been in disrepair for a long time.

In front of Kong Lu, it was no different from a decorative item.

Kong Lu slowly walked up to Kong Li and saw her holding a small pink bag tightly.

Kong Lu snatched the bag from her arms.

“Elder brother! This is mine! This is all the money I have! Ive saved up for a few years! Also! Also, our mother gave me money to buy some specialties from the capital!” Kong Li said in a panic as she tugged at the corner of the cloth bag.

“When did our mother become so generous” Kong Lu asked.

He said that because he received almost no pocket money since he was young.

During his entire childhood, his pocket money added up to less than 50 cents.

Later on, when he started working and gave all his salary to Old Madam Kong, she did not even give Kong Lu some money.

It was not possible that she would give Kong Li so much pocket money and even wanted to spend a few hundred dollars to buy specialties.

Old Madam Kong was a person who knew how to manage her finances.

He did not believe that Old Madam Kong would feel at ease giving Kong Li a few hundred dollars.

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