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“Its not impossible for me to go back and live with you,” Xia He said.

Hope ignited in Kong Lus eyes.

Just as he wanted to hug Xia He in a moment of excitement, his fantasy was shattered by what she said next.

“Return me all the money your family owes me first.

I didnt give those cash and household appliances to your brothers for free.

Back then, your mother had asked me to lend them the money.

Even biological brothers have to settle accounts clearly.

Since they have all gotten married, isnt it time for them to return the money” Xia He said.

Seeing that Kong Lu did not speak, Xia He continued, “She even wrote me an IOU and I have more than one.

Your mother wrote the first one when she first asked to borrow money from me.

The rest of the IOUs were written by your brothers.

After that, your mother did not mention anything about IOUs anymore.

However, I thought that were a family and they would not go back on their word, so I did not ask for it.”

“Its been so many years.

They should all have some spare cash now.

Go and get all these things back.” Xia He took out the IOUs from the account books and slapped them on the table in front of Kong Lu.

The crooked words on the papers were indeed written by his mother and brothers.

The exact time and amounts were all clearly written and all signed off at the end.

Kong Lu looked at the account books and IOUs in front of him and did not say anything.

He did not have the ability to repay so much money, which added up to about 10,000 dollars.

“Thats right.

Your mother probably wont acknowledge these debts now, but it doesnt matter.

Go home and ask around about how luxurious your brothers houses are.

Go and ask them where they got their money and how they managed to build such nice houses,” Xia He said.

Kong Lu picked up the IOUs in front of him and counted them one by one.

His hands trembled unconsciously.

Xia He suddenly remembered that she still did not know how the earlier matter was resolved with the Sun family downstairs and asked, “What did you say about what happened downstairs”

“They want 752 dollars,” Kong Lu said as he slumped weakly on the sofa.

Xia He reached into all her pockets and flipped them out.

“I dont have this amount of money.

As you can see, I only have tens of dollars left.

I dont even know if its enough to pay for your sisters meal tomorrow.”


Kong Lis bedroom door suddenly burst open.

Kong Li pointed at Xia He and scolded, “Youre lying! I clearly saw 2,000 dollars in your bag!”

Kong Li immediately rushed into Xia Hes room to look for the money in Xia Hes purse.

The money bag was still there, but the money inside was indeed gone.

Kong Li did not believe it and she went through the cabinet, drawers, bags and clothes in the bedroom.

“As you can see, this is how your sister rummages through my things.

I did bring 2,000 dollars with me when I came, but after I got here, I lost 300 dollars,” Xia He said as she looked at Kong Li in the room.

Kong Li suddenly stopped rummaging when she heard that.

Kong Lu felt that he had lost all his dignity.

“This is my aunts house.

If your sister can rummage through everything here like this, then tell me, what do you think she does at home” Xia He said.

“Get out here!” Kong Lu shouted towards the room.

“But I havent found the money yet! What if she hides the money and doesnt give it to you! Thats our familys money!” Kong Li said anxiously as she held on to Xia Hes bag.

Xia He sat at the side and did not speak.

She just looked at the siblings quietly.

During this era, no man would think that it was something glorious for his wife to earn more money than him.

Instead, it was something that could not be revealed to outsiders as it was very embarrassing! There were also not many men who would say that the money their wife earned belonged to him.

“Come out here!” Kong Lu said as he pointed at the living room floor.

Kong Li walked out of the room unwillingly and threw Xia Hes bag aside.

“Dont think about my 2,000 dollars anymore.

Previously, you snatched my sister-in-laws jewelry and I compensated her for it.

After my brother got married, I also spent some money to buy some things for him.

I dont have much money now,” Xia He said.

“Didnt I give her the jewelry in the end! Hurry up and get it back!” Kong Li shouted anxiously.

Kong Li showed no respect for Xia He at all.

Every time she opened her mouth, she would either be barking orders or shouting at Xia He.

Kong Lu had never seen Kong Li like this before.

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