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“Tell me, what can my sons do! On the other hand, your sister often instigated my sons to do bad things and asked them to deliberately mess up Xia Fangs house.

At first, my children dared not do it, but she threatened to hit them if they didnt listen to her! Tell me, what kind of person is your sister!” said the Sun familys daughter-in-law.

“My sister is not such a person! Dont spout nonsense!” Kong Lu glared at the Sun familys daughter-in-law.

Even now, he was still unwilling to believe that the person they were talking about was his sister.

To him, his sister was such an obedient and sensible person.

“Whats the hurry! Im telling the truth.

If you dont believe me, you can ask all the neighbors here whether what I said is true,” the Sun familys daughter-in-law said agitatedly as she pointed at the people around her.

Everyone nodded and said, “Thats right, its true.”

“We can all testify!”

“This is an old building and the soundproofing is not very good.

We can hear everything your sister says to the Sun familys children at home.

Ever since she came, she has been throwing tantrums every day.”

“Isnt that so! I live downstairs from Xia Fangs house and its especially noisy at home every day.

Your sister kicks up a fuss at home every day and orders Xia He to do things.

I get so angry just listening to her!”

Based on everyones reactions, the Sun familys daughter-in-law was really not lying this time.

This was indeed how Kong Li behaved.

After Xia He left, she would go and ask the Sun familys children to go upstairs to eat and then mess up the house.

When Xia He returned home, the house would be in a mess.

The sofa covers and other surfaces would be all covered in oil and there would be food scraps all over the floor.

If that was all, Xia He would consider it to be a good day and be thankful that nothing was done to the walls.

Kong Lus face became so red that it looked like blood could burst out anytime.

He could not believe what he heard, but so many people said that they had seen it with their own eyes.

It was impossible that they colluded with one another in such a short period of time.

“Your family matters are none of our business.

On account of Xia Fang, I wont pursue the matter of your sister hitting me, but you have to compensate us for our losses!” the Sun familys daughter-in-law said to Kong Lu with her hands on her hips.

“How much…” Kong Lu asked.

“Let me take a look… This television cost me 600 dollars.

You definitely have to compensate me for it.

Also, theres this table, the crockery, vases and stools.

We must list everything down one by one.

Ill go and get a notebook now.” The Sun familys daughter-in-law did not lie about the prices.

Whatever she quoted him was real, but she still profited from being able to get brand new items.

All the items in the Sun familys house were even older than the house.

The Sun familys daughter-in-law took a pen and paper and listed the items one by one.

Even if an item was only slightly damaged, she would write it down.

After she did a round of messy calculations, she told him to give the Sun family 752 dollars.

“I… I dont have that much money,” Kong Lu said.

The Sun familys daughter-in-law looked at Kong Lu mockingly and asked, “Who would believe that Youre a soldier, how can you not have money”

Kong Lu indeed did not have much money on him.

He gave all his salary to Old Madam Kong, who said she would help him save money if all the money was in her hands.

She said that Xia He was a very extravagant person who did not take care of the family and would spend everything he earned.

“I really dont have so much money on me,” Kong Lu said seriously.

The Sun familys daughter-in-law looked at Kong Lu to size him up and said, “First, tell me if you acknowledge this debt.”

As everyone stared at him, Kong Lu nodded and said, “Yes I do.”

“Thats good.

Everyone here is my witness.

Now Im not worried that youll go back on your word later.

Your wife, Xia He, has plenty of money.

You have to give me the money within the next two days! Dont try to delay payment, otherwise how would we be able to find you!” said the Sun familys daughter-in-law.

Kong Lu nodded and walked upstairs with a dark expression.

The moment he opened the door, he saw Xia He busy cleaning up the mess in the house.

Her actions were brisk and swift.

It was obvious that she was someone who did cleaning chores often.

However, Old Madam Kong and Kong Li both told him that Xia He did not do any chores at home and only knew how to enjoy life every day.

At this moment, it was his sister who was seated at the dining table and eating away.

When Xia He saw Kong Lu return, she smiled and asked, “How did you resolve it”

Kong Lu remained silent.

He did not dare to borrow money from Xia He, but the Sun family had only given him two days time to settle this matter.

If he did not borrow money from Xia He, he would not be able to do it.

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