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As she grew up, Kong Li became fatter and fatter and became not good-looking However, in his heart, Kong Li was always that innocent child.


That younger sister who would leave him delicious food and wait for him at the village entrance.

“By the way, who are you” the Sun familys daughter-in-law asked Kong Lu.

She was not afraid of Kong Li running away.

In fact, she was afraid that Kong Li would not leave… That girl was as strong as an ox and so fat that she could not win her in a fight.

She only needed Xia He to be around.

However, who was this man She did not seem to have seen him before.

The Zhao familys eldest son pointed at Kong Lu and said, “That fat girl called him elder brother!”

“Ah… This is Xia Hes husband!”

“So hes the elder brother of that woman who looks like a bear.”

“And hes a soldier He looks like a soldier in those clothes.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Xia Hes husband is a soldier! Theres no mistake!”

Everyone chatted about Kong Lus identity and voiced their complaints about Kong Lis behavior over the past few days.

Xia He was already used to being criticized and censured by her neighbors, but Kong Lu could not stand such a scene, let alone hear others talking about him.

“How do you discipline your sister! You let her go to other peoples houses to eat and drink as if shes not an outsider! I hear that your sister eats more than half a bag of rice in a week!” the Sun familys daughter-in-law said as she pointed at Kong Lu.

The other neighbors also criticized Kong Lu.

“Your sister even asked Xia He to get five dishes for her every day! She wants three to four meals a day, and the dishes cant be repeated!”

“It must be dishes from a big restaurant outside! Otherwise, your sister wont eat it!”

“Thats right! Every day, Xia He has to prepare a days worth of food for her and put it there.

Otherwise, shell cause a scene and disturb everyone.”

“Isnt that so.

Xia Fang cant come back to her own house and has to stay in the hospitals dormitory.

Sigh, what kind of relative is your sister Shes such an esteemed guest that she removed the owner of the house from her own house.”

The Sun familys daughter-in-law looked at Kong Lu smugly.

It was clear that she was not spouting nonsense.

With so many neighbors criticizing Kong Li, it meant that everyone saw everything clearly.

Seeing that Kong Lu lowered his head and did not speak, the Sun familys daughter-in-law became even more enthusiastic and continued, “I hear that your sister is like this at home.

She must eat a meal in the middle of the night or shell get so hungry.

Luckily Xia Hes salary is high, otherwise no one can afford to feed your sister! You really married a good wife who is so willing to spend money on your sister.

If shes my sister-in-law, I would have chased her out long ago!”

This was stuff that Kong Li had said to the children from the Sun family, showing off how good and comfortable her life was.

She told them how she got all the things she wanted and how Xia He did whatever she said and treated her with respect.

The Sun familys daughter-in-law did not say all this to stand up for Xia He.

She just wanted to sow discord and put Kong Lu on the spot.

She said in front of so many people that his wife earned more money than him and could support the family better.

Which man could stand that fact

Kong Lu lowered his head in shame and turned around to leave, but the Sun familys daughter-in-law grabbed him.

“You want to leave Arent you going to compensate for the things in my house Youre a man, yet you want to leave just like that!” said the Sun familys daughter-in-law.

Kong Lu looked at Xia He helplessly.

These trivial matters at home had always been handled by Xia He and he did not know how to handle them.

Xia He glanced at him and said, “You deal with it.

Im going to take a look at my aunts house!” She turned around and ran upstairs.

She had only wanted to watch the commotion, but she did not expect Kong Lu to want her to deal with these things.

Seeing that Xia He had also left and there was no one to help him, Kong Lu said to the Sun familys daughter-in-law with a dark expression, “Then what about the television upstairs…”

“The television upstairs was not damaged by my children at all! Havent you seen how big the television is Even adults find it difficult to move it, let alone my children!”

The Sun familys daughter-in-law pointed at her youngest child and said, “Look at how young this child is.

What can he do Can he move the television himself”


Kong Lu looked at these children.

They were indeed still very young.

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