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“Pfft! Youre so shameless! How can you blame my children for this!” The Sun familys daughter-in-law stood at the door with her hands on her hips and argued with Kong Li.

“What did you say! Say that again!” Kong Li shouted as she pointed at the Sun familys daughter-in-law.

“I have no problem saying it again! Whats wrong! My children said that you did it! You deliberately smashed it! You deliberately caused trouble for the Xia family and even made my children take the blame! Youre already an adult! Dont you have any shame!” the Sun familys daughter-in-law berated her.

Kong Li had never been bullied in her life.

No matter what happened, she was always the one who bullied others.

She behaved unscrupulously just because her brother, Kong Lu, was a soldier.

She was so used to bullying others that there was no way she could endure such grievances.

Kong Li suddenly rushed forward and started fighting with the Sun familys daughter-in-law.

As she hit the other woman, she scolded, “You still dare to say that! Youre the shameless one! Its your children who did it and you still refuse to admit it! Ill beat you to death today!”

The Sun familys daughter-in-law was not an easy person to get along with.

The neighbors nearby had all experienced her tantrums, but no matter how gutsy she usually was, she could not win a fight when she was being pressed down by someone of Kong Lis size.

“Someone! Help! This is murder!!!” The Sun familys daughter-in-law lay on the ground and struggled.

Kong Li slapped her and scolded angrily, “What are you shouting for! What a b*tch! How dare you scold me! Dont even think about having an easy time after bullying me today! Hurry up and compensate me! Apologize!”

The other Sun family members were all stunned when they came out of their rooms.

When the Sun familys eldest son saw his wife being bullied, he immediately went up and kicked Kong Li away.

Kong Lu happened to come downstairs at this moment and witnessed this scene.

He could not tolerate his younger sister being bullied.

“How dare you hit my sister! Who gave you the guts!” With that, Kong Lu rushed into the crowd.

When Kong Li saw Kong Lu, she immediately felt more confident and stood up to help Kong Lu fight the Sun family members.

“Elder brother! Theyre the ones who bullied me! Help me beat them up!”


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