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When Kong Li saw Kong Lu, she instantly straightened her back as if she had found her backbone.

“Elder brother! Youre here! They pushed the television to the floor!” Kong Li said as she pointed at the children from the Sun family.

The eldest boy immediately stood up and pointed at Kong Li as he shouted, “Youre lying! You were the one who pushed it down! Were children, how can we be as strong as you!”

With that, the eldest boy gave all his brothers a look.

The children ran out desperately and no one could not stop them even if they wanted to.

Kong Lu made way for the children and slowly walked into Xia Fangs house.

It was in a mess, like a battlefield after a war.

Although he had never been here before, he remembered Xia Fang as an elegant and gentle person who was tidy and meticulous.

He was quite sure that this house definitely did not look like this originally.

“Did… did you do all this” Kong Lu asked Kong Li in disbelief as he pointed at the trash on the floor.

It could not be Kong Lis doing.

Every time he went back home, the house was very clean.

His younger sister even said that Xia He did not do any chores at home and that she and his mother were the ones who looked after the house.


“How could you let those children escape! Im going to settle the score with them! I didnt do it! All of you come back here!” Kong Li ran downstairs aggressively.

The hearts of the surrounding neighbors trembled alongside her movements.

“Hey, be gentler.

You cant torture this building like this!”

“Young lady, walk slowly!”

“This is an old building.

What if you make it collapse”


“Thats right, thats right.

Is she going to the Sun family to look for those children”

“The Sun family wont admit its their fault!”

Kong Lu could hear all the neighbors whispered discussions. Where did his usually gentle younger sister go This did not seem like Kong Lis usual behavior at all

“Knock, knock, knock!” Kong Li pounded on the door of the Sun familys house as if she wanted to force it open.

However, no one from the Sun family answered or opened the door.

“If you dont open the door, Ill smash it down! I know theres someone at home! Hurry up and open the door!” Kong Li stood at the door and shouted loudly.

When the Sun familys daughter-in-law heard that it was a woman, she let down her guard a little.

She slowly opened the door and said, “Why are you shouting! Are you going to tear down our house! Whats the matter!”

“Those children of yours smashed the Xia familys television! Hurry up and compensate for that!” Kong Li said as she pointed at the children behind the Sun familys daughter-in-law.

The Sun familys daughter-in-law did not think much of it and asked with a laugh, “Its smashed by our family just because you said its smashed by our family Who can testify for you Everyone in this place knows that Xia Fangs television is very big.

Who doesnt know how heavy her television is How can it be my children who pushed it”

The neighbors nodded when they heard this.

When Xia Fang bought the television, the neighbors had all seen it.

It was a big color television and she had bought the latest product in the market at that time.

Everyone had wanted to go to her house to join in the fun, but Xia Fang was an unfriendly person and they did not dare to go to her house uninvited.

“Thats true.

Even very few adults can lift the big color television at Xia Fangs house.

Its indeed difficult for the children to do it.”

“Thats right.

I dont think it was done by those children from the Sun family.”

“Who knows”

“Lets see what happens.”

The neighbors all looked towards the staircase, waiting for the Sun familys daughter-in-law to quarrel with Kong Li.

It would be better if they got into a fight! They were all feeling bored these days as there was nothing fun to talk about.

“Your children did it!” Kong Li roared.

This was no small matter.

If it was an issue like her eating up the food in the house, she was sure that Xia Fang would not be so calculative with her regarding food and drinks.

If the house was in a mess, Xia He would help to clean it up.

However, a television set was a big problem.

Moreover, this was not any ordinary television, but a big color television!

It was said that big color televisions cost more than 1,000 dollars each! Also, one might not be able to buy one even if one had money.

One needed coupons to be able to buy it.

The limited number of color televisions available meant that it could only be offered to certain families.

Even when she stayed at the Xia familys big villa earlier, she did not see a big color television there!

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