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“I know, I know.

Ill tell you everything,” Xia Zhe said with a nod.

“And you cant hit me! If you hit me! Ill run away from home with the children! Ill make sure you never…” As Qiao Mei faced Xia Zhes increasingly fierce gaze, she did not manage to finish her sentence.


The moment she felt a sense of menace from Xia Zhe, she understood where the problem lay.

“I… Im just joking.

Dont be angry,” Qiao Mei said coquettishly as she hugged Xia Zhes arm.

“Dont say such things again!” Xia Zhe said sternly with a frown.

Qiao Mei nodded vigorously and said, “I definitely wont! But the premise is that you cant hit me!”

“I definitely wont hit you,” Xia Zhe said as he looked at Qiao Meis stomach.

I dont think I can beat her… Otherwise, how did these two children come about…


Qiao Mei followed Xia Zhes gaze and looked at her stomach.

She then looked up and smiled embarrassedly at Xia Zhe.

“Well, why dont you teach me martial arts Then I can protect myself and the children if necessary,” Qiao Mei said.

She had divine strength! It would be too wasteful if she only used it to move things.

In her other life, she had a dream of being a martial artist.

Who did not want to be a heroine in the martial arts world! Back then, she had even enrolled in many classes, but in the end, she did not really learn anything.

She did not think that those simple movements she learned counted for anything.

Now she had such a powerful “martial warrior” in front of her in this life! She must make him her master and learn from him!

Xia Zhe sighed deeply.

If he taught Qiao Mei martial arts, he would really not be able to defeat her in the future.


“Lets talk about it after you give birth.

Not now,” Xia Zhe said.

There was nothing bad about learning martial arts.

If even he could not defeat Qiao Mei, then there were not many people who could.

This way, he did not have to worry about Qiao Meis safety.

He need not be afraid even if He Ning came up with 10,000 bad ideas to deal with Qiao Mei.

With Qiao Meis smart little brain, if she added good martial arts skills to the mix, there was no need for him to worry about her all the time.

“Thats great! You agree to it!” Qiao Mei said excitedly.

Xia Zhe reached out and pinched Qiao Meis cheek as he said, “I must tell you Im a very strict teacher.

They all say that Im a demon.

Beware and dont cry!”

“Hmph, I wont cry! Im going to be a mother! Who would cry! Im not a child!” Qiao Mei said as she touched her stomach.

It did not take long for Xia He and Kong Lu to reach Xia Fangs house.

Before they entered, they could already hear the commotion in the house.

The volume of the television was turned up very high, but it still did not manage to cover the sound of Kong Li arguing with someone.

The party quarreling with her were actually the children from the Sun family!


The four or five children clamored to fight with her for the television.

The issue was that Kong Li wanted to watch television dramas while the children wanted to watch cartoons.

They argued incessantly over it.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang in the house, followed by sounds of something cracking.

The house instantly fell very silent.

In the corridor, Kong Lu felt his heart tighten.

He quickly walked forward and pushed open the door.

A cracked television set was on the floor and there was also trash and debris all over.


“Whats wrong, whats wrong What caused such a big commotion” an elderly female neighbor asked as she pushed open the door.

Not only did the neighbors next door hear it, but even the neighbors downstairs also came by.

Everyone could roughly guess what had happened.

Those children from the Sun family must have gotten into trouble again and it seemed that they had offended Xia Fang, the person whom no one could afford to offend.

They all wanted to see what would happen to the Sun family this time.

Ever since this unknown relative came to Xia Fangs house, the entire corridor and passageway had become a mess.

The children from the Sun family ran around all day long and no one could control them.

Kong Li even let these children into Xia Fangs house every day to eat and drink.

They ate whatever was delicious and expensive.

Then, they would throw trash everywhere and leave everything in a mess.

In the end, it was always Xia He who came back to clean up the mess.


Although Kong Li did not offend them, these children fought with her over the television every day, raising a ruckus in the house and making it impossible for the neighbors to have a good rest.

It was good that it was finally completely quiet now.

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