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“In a while, Ill get Xia Zhe to find me the divorce application form.

Complete it and then send it to your army unit.

Once they approve it, then well be officially divorced,” Xia He said calmly.

To get the divorce, she needed Kong Lu to take the initiative to apply for it.

Otherwise, this matter would not be settled.

Although she belonged to the military art troupe, she was still different from a regular soldier.

For people like Kong Lu and Xia Zhe who worked in the army all year round, the soldier would need to agree if his spouse wanted a divorce.

Otherwise, the divorce could not go through.

“I dont agree! You can give it up! I wont agree to a divorce even if I die!” Kong Lu said through clenched teeth.

Xia He said calmly, “Do you want me to be bullied by your mother in your house for the rest of my life”

“I can promise you that my mother will definitely not criticize you anymore,” Kong Lu said as he swore to the heavens.

Xia Hes eyes turned red from anger.

“Let me tell you this! Its fine if you dont want a divorce, but you have to send your mother and sister away within a week! Otherwise, Ill beat them up every time I see them! Ive also practiced boxing since I was young! Lets see if I can beat them to death! If youre not afraid, you can try me!”

Xia He broke the wooden stool beside her with a kick and looked at Kong Lu fiercely.

The children of the Xia family had to learn all these skills so that they knew how to protect themselves.

As the eldest granddaughter of the Xia family, she had always been brought up like a boy.

At that time, Xia Mao and Xu Lan were not at home all year round.

Afraid that Xia He would be bullied alone, they asked Xia Xiu to train all the children together.

Although her martial arts skills were not as good as Xia Wen and Xia Zhe, there were not many women who could defeat her back then.

If not for Kong Lu, she would not have chosen to go to the military art troupe and would not have given up her bright future and opportunities to go and take care of the Kong family.

Kong Lu looked at the shattered pieces of wood beside him and realized that Xia He had a lot of skills.

She had just been hiding her capabilities all along.

“I dont want to see you at all now.

Dont lie on the ground and play dead.

Go to Aunts house and take your sister away.

Find a guest house to go to and dont come to our Xia residence again.

Come back when youve settled your family matters.

Either the house returns to its original state or you apply for a divorce.

Get lost quickly after the meeting you came for,” Xia He said.

Kong Lu widened his eyes in disbelief at Xia Hes words.

In the past, no matter how fiercely they quarreled, Xia He would never ask Kong Lu to get lost.

However, she actually just asked him to get lost…

Hearing this phrase felt far more painful than when Xia Zhe hit him.

He felt as if his dignity was being crushed and grinded against the floor, but he was powerless to fight back.

Kong Lu stood up angrily and walked towards the door with Xia He following closely behind.

She had to go to Xia Fangs house to stand guard.

Who knew if Kong Li would secretly come looking for trouble while Kong Lu was not around.

“Elder sister! His luggage! Dont forget his luggage!” Qiao Mei shouted.


Xia He immediately turned around and went into the room to pack up Kong Lus things before chasing after him.

Liu Fen wanted to stand up and stop her, but when she thought of what Xia He had gone through, she suppressed her urge and sat back down.

Qiao Mei nodded in satisfaction at Liu Fens actions and whispered to Xia Zhe, “Look, Second Aunt-in-law seems to have really thought it through.”

“Second Aunt-in-law really cares for elder sister.

Our parents were never around when we were young and Eldest Aunt had always kept an eye on us and trained us.

Back then, there was only one girl in the family and Second Aunt-in-law doted on elder sister the most,” Xia Zhe explained in a whisper.

Qiao Mei looked at Xia Zhe with heartache and then in the direction where Xia He had left.

It seemed that Xia Mao and Xu Lan really did not spend much time with the three children when they were young.

“Why are you looking at me like that At that time, elder brother was already old enough to take care of elder sister and me.

Besides, elder sister and I were both in boarding school, so there were not many issues.” Xia Zhe patted Qiao Meis head and comforted her.

“Sigh! The two of you! You are really troublesome!” No matter how Liu Fen thought about it, she still felt that a divorce would not be good for Xia Hes reputation in the future.

Divorced women were despised everywhere.

She wondered what would happen in the future.

Liu Fen was so anxious that she stomped her feet and went upstairs to be alone.

She did not want to care about this matter anymore!

Qiao Mei thought for a moment and said, “No matter what happens in the future, you have to discuss everything with me!”

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