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When Liu Fen went upstairs and saw Xia Zhe, she immediately grumbled, “Xiao Zhe, why are you so harsh! How is your sister going to get along with him after this!”

Liu Fen stood beside Xia Zhe and whispered, “Look at that Kong Lu.

One look and you can tell that hes a petty man.

How do you think your sister will fare in the future! Hes arrogant and likes to hold grudges.

How can your sister still have a good life in the future!”

Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei looked at Liu Fen in surprise.

They did not expect her to know that Kong Lu was petty!


Qiao Mei laughed loudly and shouted through the opening in the doorway, “Second Aunt-in-law, why are you still so concerned for Kong Lus reputation! Kong Lu was not even concerned about elder sisters reputation! Elder sister has been taking care of his relatives and siblings for so many years, but look what happened to her in the end! She was like a dough that everyone took turns to knead! If you ask me, lets give him a taste of his own medicine!”

“Although Xia Zhe hit him today, would he dare to hit elder sister Let him try! Then we can just beat him to death! If he doesnt want to part on good terms, there are ways to make him suffer so much that he would prefer to die!” Qiao Mei said fiercely.

Qiao Mei clenched her fists and waved them in the air.

Liu Fen knew that Qiao Mei was joking and that she was doing this for Xia Hes sake.

“Then what if Xia He goes home! Old Madam Kong wont let Xia He off!” Liu Fen also imitated Qiao Mei and shouted towards the opening in the doorway.

Liu Fen leaned against the door and continued, “Will Xia Zhe be able to follow Xia He to the Kong family Or can Xia He hit Old Madam Kong! In the end, Xiao He will be the one whos at a disadvantage! What should we do then! Xia Zhes wife!”

Liu Fen gave Qiao Mei a look and Qiao Mei immediately understood what she meant.

Qiao Mei shouted loudly towards the door, “Who told you that elder sister is going back to that tigers den! Get a divorce! Do they think that theres no one in the Xia family to back her up!”

When Liu Fen heard Qiao Mei suggesting a divorce, she stomped her feet anxiously and whispered, “You said the wrong thing, kid! You should give him a warning! How can you talk about a divorce!”

Qiao Mei found it funny when she saw Liu Fens anxious expression.

She thought that Second Aunt-in-law looked quite cute at the moment.


Qiao Mei pulled Liu Fen downstairs to take a rest.

As they walked, she said, “Second Aunt-in-law, elder sister has spent so much money and effort for so many years, but in the end, her family still scolds her and her husband still only sides with his mother.

Elder sisters life has been tough enough already.

She should take advantage of the fact that she doesnt have any children and escape quickly from her misery.”

“But what will happen to a divorced woman…” Liu Fen sat on the sofa and sighed helplessly.

During this era, getting a divorce was a stain on a womans reputation.

No one would be willing to be with a divorced woman.

“But how can elder sister stay in that family for the rest of her life Wouldnt that be an even worse situation for her What do you think you would do if shes your daughter” Qiao Mei advised patiently.

Liu Fen thought about it quietly.

What Qiao Mei said made sense.

In the beginning, she thought that it was Xia Hes fault for being stubborn and headstrong.

This time round, Xia He talked about a lot of her experiences over the years.

Liu Fen had also heard much of it, but her judgment was clouded because she had heard that divorced women would not have an easy life.

“Look, elder sister is at a womans most glorious age, and shes also beautiful and earns a lot of money.

In the past few years, she has given all her money to the Kong family.

If she had been able to save up the money, she would have been able to buy a house for herself long ago.

With our familys clout, cant we protect elder sister Second Aunt-in-law, youre a sensible person.

When there are difficulties in a marriage, you know how hard it is for the woman.” After Qiao Mei finished speaking, Liu Fen suddenly felt enlightened.

Liu Fen slapped her thigh and said agitatedly, “Thats right! Our Xia He is still a good girl! She doesnt need to live in the Kong familys kennel anymore! At most… at most Xia He can come to my house! She can stay with me!”

Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe looked at each other and smiled.

Liu Fen finally understood what Xia He was going through and how hard it was for Xia He.

However, there was really no need for Xia He to go and live with Second Aunt-in-law…


If she lived with Second Aunt-in-law, it would probably not be any better than living with the Kong family.

Inside the room, Xia He looked at Kong Lu, who could not even straighten his back.

She did not feel any concern for him this time.

He had brought this upon himself.

Everything was retribution! He could not blame anyone else!

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