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Kong Lu was already back.

What else could have happened to him

When Qiao Mei saw how Xia He walked anxiously to the living room at first before slowing down, she knew that Xia He had completely come to terms with it.

Qiao Mei was afraid that Xia He would say one thing and mean another, that although she said she wanted a divorce, she actually could not bear to part with him.

In such a case, if she tried to persuade Xia He to proceed with the divorce, she would become a sinner for all eternity.

She did not know whether Xia He really wanted a divorce now, but she knew that Xia He was at least very rational at the moment.

When they went downstairs, they saw a drenched Kong Lu with mud and dead leaves from the lake stuck on him.

Xia He frowned and walked up to him.

“You fell into the water How did you get ashore Were you saved by someone Are the good Samaritans outside the door now Ask them to come in so that we can thank them properly.”

After all, they were still husband and wife and had not gotten a divorce yet.

When she saw him in trouble, she still wanted to help and could not sit back and do nothing.

As a wife, she still had to do what she had to do.

When Kong Lu saw that Xia He was worried about him, he smiled happily and said, “The person who saved me didnt leave his name.

He just saved me and left after that.

At that time, I couldnt speak and felt a little dizzy.

I only made my way back after I felt better.”


“Lets go to the lake later and ask if anyone saw what happened.

We have to go and thank the person properly,” Xia He said.

Kong Lu suddenly started coughing and held on to his chest.

“Cough, cough, cough… I… cough, cough.”

Xia He went forward to hold Kong Lu and said, “Whats wrong Maybe your lungs got injured! Come! Lets go to the hospital! Lets go to the hospital where Aunt is!”

Xia He pulled Kong Lu along and prepared to walk out the door.

Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe looked at each other and immediately understood what each other was thinking.

Xia Zhe went forward to stop Xia He and Kong Lu and said, “You must be lying.”

Xia He was stunned.

She looked at Xia Zhe in confusion and said anxiously, “Xiao Zhe, what are you talking about! Hes already feeling so uncomfortable, just let me bring him to the hospital!”

Qiao Mei went forward and looked at Kong Lu.

“You only soaked yourself in water so that my elder sister would feel sorry for you.”

Kong Lu looked a little flustered and embarrassed.

Xia He slowly let go of him and asked, “You… youre lying to me”

“Im not! Xiao He, listen to my explanation! I really fell into the lake!” Kong Lu looked at Xia He nervously.

“Tell me the truth.

Did you fall into the lake or not” Xia He asked as she pointed at Kong Lu.

Kong Lu quickly flung his hands and went forward.

“Im not lying! Xiao He!”

“Youre still not telling the truth! I trust my younger brother and sister-in-law more than you!” Xia He roared at him.

“Im not, Im not!” Kong Lu repeated this sentence to the two siblings.

“If you really fell into the water, your voice should be hoarse now.

If you had tried hard to survive just now, you definitely wont have the strength to talk to us here like this,” Qiao Mei said.

“I…” Kong Lu did not know how to explain himself.

“Your leather shoes are clean.

If you had fallen in the water, you would definitely have lost your shoes.

Even if you dont lose them, they will still be covered in mud.

Youre covered in mud, but your shoes are very clean.

Are you sure you fell into the water” Xia Zhe asked as he pointed at the leather shoes on Kong Lus feet.

Kong Lu tried to hide his feet, not knowing how to answer.

Xia He looked mockingly at the leather shoes on Kong Lus feet.

These were the only pair of shoes that her mother had bought for Kong Lu.

She had said that they were luxury goods and very expensive.

Therefore, Kong Lu took care of them very carefully and could not bear to wear them.

“You must have taken off your shoes before getting into the water.

So in your heart, Im not even comparable to a pair of leather shoes You cant even bear to part with a pair of shoes and would rather lie to me!” Xia He said as she looked at Kong Lu.

Xia He felt that if Kong Lu had bothered to put on an act, she would not hate him so much.

However, when Kong Lu heard what she said, he did not see it that way.

Kong Lu felt that Xia He was looking down on him and mocking him for being poor.

Kong Lu had grown up in the countryside since he was young.

His family was poor and he lost his father when he was still very young.

Later on, his mother brought up all her children painstakingly.

Leather shoes were something he did not even dare to dream about when he was growing up.

In order to ensure that his younger brothers at home could eat, he started working very early in life.

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