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“I… because its so hard to find good ginseng.

Its a treasure that can only be chanced upon by luck! I feel that I should stock up.

What if I dont have any when I really need it” Zhou Hua said self-righteously.

In the kitchen, Qiao Mei really could not stand it anymore.

She handed the spatula to Liu Fen and walked out.

“Third Aunt-in-law, youre really too prudent.

You even know that you have to keep good things for yourself in case of emergencies!” Qiao Mei came to the sofa and pushed Xia Zhe aside, sitting down opposite Zhou Hua.


She had to be the one to handle such matters.

If it was a matter between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, then the man should stand up for his wife.

However, when it came to other relatives in the family, the wife would need to play the role of the bad guy.

“You! Youre a daughter-in-law of the Xia family! You must put our Xia family first in everything! Its not a difficult thing for you to help! I wont ask you for too many.

Just one will do,” Zhou Hua said angrily.

“Its not the Xia familys problem.

Its your personal problem,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Mei looked at Zhou Huas exasperated expression and continued, “Besides, I have to put Xia Zhes parents and grandfather before him, and then theres Xia Zhe himself.

In my opinion, there are so many people I need to prioritize before you, right I dont have that many wild ginsengs at home, so I have to think for my family as well.

Dont you think so, Third Aunt-in-law”

“You! You! You!” Zhou Hua stood up angrily and pointed at Qiao Mei.

Zhou Hua did not expect the young lady to be so sharp-tongued and to make her suffer a setback.

Zhou Hua knew she could not win the argument against Qiao Mei, so she turned to Xia Zhe and said, “Does a woman have the final say in your family! Does she think she can make decisions for your family”

Xia Zhe leaned back on the sofa and said, “Youre not asking for help from my family, but from Qiao Meis family, so she should be the one making the decision.

But if Third Aunt-in-law is talking about our own little family, then Qiao Mei is indeed in charge.”

Zhou Hua was speechless for the moment and just stared at Qiao Mei.

Liu Fen had wanted to come out and join in the fun, but she immediately met Qiao Meis warning gaze.

Liu Fen did not dare to stay outside any longer and immediately ran back to the kitchen to continue cooking.

“Oh my, the water is boiling.

Its time to cook,” Liu Fen muttered to herself.

She slowly closed the kitchen door and focused on cooking.

This was the battlefield she was comfortable with and she decided not to worry about anything outside.


“Third Aunt-in-law, I really dont have too many ginsengs at home.

You should buy from someone else,” Qiao Mei said.

Zhou Hua looked at Qiao Mei and was about to say something when Xia Zhe stood up, stared into Zhou Huas eyes and said, “Third Aunt-in-law, everyone knows what you want to do with the ginseng.

Lets not say it out loud and leave it dignified.”

“Xiao Zhe, what are you talking about… Im using it to treat illnesses…” Zhou Hua avoided Xia Zhes gaze and did not dare to look at him directly.

“Its useless for you to lie.

Ill tell my father, grandfather, Eldest Aunt and Third Uncle about this.

If your father is really sick, our Xia family wont sit back and do nothing,” Xia Zhe said.

When Zhou Hua heard that he was going to tell Xia Guang about this, she immediately became anxious.

She hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No, no, no! Dont tell your third uncle! If your third uncle finds out that I come to trouble you about my family matters, hell scold me! Dont tell him!”

Xia Zhe looked at Zhou Hua in disappointment.

She was still lying so stubbornly.

He had not intended to tell the elders in his family about this.

However, now it seemed that he must tell them about this, otherwise there would be endless trouble in the future.

“Youre just a junior member of the family.

Why are you getting involved in our matters” Zhou Hua said.

“Third Aunt-in-law was still asking us juniors for help just now.

Why arent we allowed to get involved now” Qiao Mei said.

Xia Zhe stared at Zhou Hua intently and asked, “Have you already done something Or have you already given something Who are you giving the ginseng to Who has agreed to grant you something you wish for”

Zhou Hua was so nervous that her forehead started to sweat and she spoke incoherently.

Xu Lan, who was usually not concerned about family matters, looked at Zhou Hua nervously when she heard what Xia Zhe said.

It was not as if she did not know anything at all.

In the entire capital, there were not many families who could render help to others.

Apart from the Xia family, only the He family could do the same.

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