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The two of them hurriedly finished doing their shopping and returned to the courtyard house.

He Ning looked at the withered flowers and plants beside him and said, “Take these away quickly.

Ask the experts to see if they can save them.”

As soon the plants were removed, he felt his temples throbbing.

His head hurt badly and he felt uncomfortable all over when he could not smell the fragrance of flowers.


Even though the doctor could not explain why it made him feel better, he continued to surround himself with as many flowers as he could so long as it made him feel more comfortable.

He did not care if it was just a psychological effect.

“Men! Get me another batch! Get the best ones!” He Ning said as he rubbed his temples.

His attendant quickly removed the old flower pots and arranged for new flowers and plants to be moved in.

Having worked for He Ning for a long time, he knew about He Nings headaches.

He had previously bought a lot of flowers and plants and had them taken care of somewhere else.

This was so that he would be able to replace the wilted flowers and plants with new batches as soon as it was required and there would be little downtime.

It was a known fact in the capital that He Ning was unable to keep any plants alive.

However, there were only a few types of floral fragrances that were able to alleviate He Nings headache.

These flowers bloomed only during certain periods in a year and there was a high chance of running out when the flowers were not in season.

This issue was a headache for all the experts.

Every time the flowers ran out, He Ning would fly into a rage.

Recently, the He family had started investing a lot of money into research on extending the flowering period of these plants.

Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei arrived back at the courtyard house very quickly.

After putting away their things, they returned to Xu Lans place to rest.

As soon as they walked through the door, they saw Liu Fen talking earnestly to Xia He.

“Xiao He, how can you do this Youre still his wife…”

Seeing that Liu Fen was about to continue, Qiao Mei hurriedly rushed to Xia He and said, “Whats wrong you, elder sister Why is your hair so wet But its not raining today”

“Your elder sister jumped into the river!” Zhou Hua said with a fake show of concern.

Qiao Mei looked at Xia He in surprise.

She did not expect such a thing to have happened so early in the morning.

“Second Aunt-in-law, do we have ginger soup at home Hurry up and get some for elder sister!” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Mei turned around and smiled at Liu Fen.

On seeing that, Liu Fen closed her mouth awkwardly and went to the kitchen to make some ginger soup.

Xu Lan was very surprised by Liu Fen making a compromise.

It seemed that this new daughter-in-law of hers was quite capable of dealing with Liu Fen.

Although she did not know what happened, she decided that she had to be more careful of the girl.

“Im fine,” Xia He said gently.

Xia He slowly dried her hair with a towel.

She was wearing old clothes that looked a little too big on her.

Qiao Mei vaguely remembered that these were Xu Lans clothes.

“Why did you jump into the lake” Qiao Mei asked.

Qiao Mei had squatted down earlier and Xia Zhe went forward to help her up, bringing her to one side to sit down.

Qiao Meis belly was much bigger now and she was not as nimble as before.

“I went boating with him at the lake in the park, but we got into an argument on the boat.

We couldnt reach an agreement, so I left him alone on the boat and swam back,” Xia He said with a smile.

Xia He whispered into Qiao Meis ear proudly, “I dont know if he can come back ashore today.

He cant swim.”

Qiao Mei looked at Xia He with admiration.

“This is such a great idea!”

Qiao Mei looked at Xia He cautiously and asked, “Does Xia Zhe know how to swim”

She thought that if Xia Zhe also made her angry one day, she might be able to use this trick!

Xia Zhe looked at Qiao Mei with a dark expression. This young girl really had a lot of ideas.

“Then youre going to be disappointed.

Our Xia Zhe has been trained in all aspects since he was young.

Dont forget that we were all trained by Eldest Aunt.

Were omnipotent.” Xia He smiled at Qiao Mei.

This young lady was really interesting.

No wonder Xia Zhe liked Qiao Mei so much. Putting aside Xia Zhe, she liked Qiao Mei very much as well.

Qiao Mei thought for a moment and suddenly looked at Xia Zhe with an awkward smile.

“Well… I dont think I know how to swim.”

Xia He laughed out loudly when she heard this.

“How can you even think of leaving Xiao Zhe stranded at the lake when you cant swim Hahahaha, why are you so funny!” Xia He laughed until tears came out of her eyes.

It was impossible to tell that she had just argued with someone.

Xia Zhe looked at Qiao Meis figure and sized her up.

From behind, it was impossible to tell that Qiao Mei was currently pregnant.

If she wore a swimsuit…

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