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Qiao Mei gave him eight dollars and left the nursery with 16 wild camellia seeds.

“Can He Nings illness be treated with the fragrance of flowers” Qiao Mei asked Xia Zhe curiously after they left the nursery.


He has been in poor health since he was young.

I heard that he had all kinds of illnesses and that he already had headaches during his school days.

All the flowers he buys are to help alleviate his headaches,” Xia Zhe said.

As Xia Zhe spoke, he suddenly laughed and said, “No one in the He family knows how to grow flowers, so they specially hired a florist to be in charge.

However, all types of flowers are unable to survive in his house, so the He family has been searching for all kinds of rare and precious plants during all these years.”

Qiao Mei nodded and looked around before asking, “Then where does he live”

Xia Zhe pointed at the road ahead and said, “Third place ahead.

He lives there, inside a nursery that specializes in selling fruit trees.”

Xia Zhe had been keeping an eye on the He family recently and had heard that He Ning had recovered very well recently.

He had been approaching all his past business contacts and it seemed like he was preparing to go back to work.

After taking a look, Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe went to the next nursery and bought a lot of seeds from there as well.

Only then did Xia Zhe realize that Qiao Mei was not actually diligent and thrifty.

Based on his calculations, they had already spent more than 100 dollars buying saplings and seeds of all sizes.

The seeds were of different types and sizes, so they were priced differently.

His main concern was that their house was not big enough for them, as the seeds that Qiao Mei bought probably needed to be grown over a few hundred acres of land.

However, Qiao Mei looked really happy when she was choosing the seeds.

Therefore, he felt that the 100 dollars was well spent!

“Im going to bring these home so that I can plant them in the village.

Grandfather and I have made use of our private plot of land.

Since we dont lack food or clothes at home, I plan to go back and plant some fruit trees and flowers so that it can provide some entertainment for grandfather,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

After leaving the second nursery, Qiao Mei pulled Xia Zhe along and prepared to go to the third nursery.

Xia Zhe stood on the spot and said, “Lets go to another place, not this one.”

Qiao Mei stood at the door with her hands on her hips and said fiercely, “Why! Are we afraid of him! What can he do in broad daylight!”

Looking at Qiao Mei trying to act fierce, he felt like laughing.

She did not look like a capable person at all.

This was clearly a kitten that had not been weaned yet.

In reality, Qiao Mei was also much stronger than Xia Zhe.

Xia Zhe was not worried that Qiao Mei would be in any danger, but he just did not want He Ning to see Qiao Mei, not even a glimpse.

Xia Zhe originally wanted to stay at the door and think about whether they should enter this nursery.

However, before he could think about it, Qiao Mei forcefully pulled him in.

His Mei Mei was indeed amazing!

Qiao Mei used the excuse of wanting to buy fruit trees to walk around the yard, but she was actually snooping around.

Through the gaps between the fruit trees, Qiao Mei saw that there was a house further in, and there was a man sitting inside and reading a book.

Behind him, there was a pharmacy.

As she made use of the plants to sense around, Qiao Mei could feel that her ginseng was not in the pharmacy.

There were all kinds of precious medicinal herbs there.

Since she was already here, she decided not to let it go to waste!

Qiao Mei quietly absorbed the energy of those expensive medicinal herbs, leaving only a small portion of energy to maintain their appearances so that the He family would not discover that they had been tampered with.


Qiao Mei wandered around, but was actually using all her energy to focus on searching for the ginseng in the house.

The ginseng was planted using her energy, and the energy inside it would be able to resonate with her.

It did not take long for her to find the remaining ginseng inside the safe.

It seemed that He Ning had not eaten too much yet.

Qiao Mei absorbed all the energy inside the ginseng, making it useless despite how good it looked.


This was the real reason why she wanted to come to this nursery.

She was not a fool.

The He family had framed her time and time again and she naturally knew how dangerous the He family was.

However, her stand was that nothing ventured meant nothing gained.

Just as Qiao Mei was about to retract her energy, she realized that there were many rare and precious plants placed in the corner.

As her energy swept past them, all the flowers and plants wilted and some even withered.

He Ning suddenly glanced at the flowers and plants and felt that something was wrong.

Qiao Mei quickly said, “Give me two peach trees and two pear trees!”

Peach trees and pear trees were the most common fruit trees in the capital.

They could live and grow as long as they were planted in the ground, then fertilized and watered.

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