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Kong Lu was so shocked that he almost threw the oar out of his hand.

He looked at Xia He in disbelief.

“What did you say Are you joking Say that again”

Xia He looked at Kong Lu firmly and said, “Lets get a divorce.”

“Why You have to tell me what I did wrong,” Kong Lu said anxiously.


His confusion and puzzlement made Xia He very angry.

She roared at him, “Youre still asking me why Let me tell you why!”

“Because your family keeps asking me for things, but dont even bother to thank me at all!”

“Because your mother and younger sister always used vulgarities to scold and criticize me! They say that Im cheap!”

“Because they call me stupid even while they eye my money! They say Im unlucky! That I deserved it for marrying you!”

“Because every time theres a conflict, you only listen to your mother! You ask me to apologize to your mother! Your mother even goes to the neighbors to talk bad about me! Everyone always comes and scolds me!”

“Every time! Every time! Every time! Ive had enough! Kong Lu! I want a divorce! Ive had enough! Ah!!!”

After Xia He finished talking about her grievances and indignation over the years, she burst into tears.

Finally, she was free.

Now that she had said everything, she could finally be free.

Kong Lu looked at Xia He in a daze.

He had never seen Xia He like this before and he wondered where the cheerful girl from before had gone.

He also felt very unsettled after hearing what Xia He said.

It was only at this moment that he realized the matter was very serious.

“Hear me out.

Ill get them to change.

Ill tell them never to scold you again in the future, and that they should not criticize you and ask you for money anymore.

Also, I wont ask you to apologize anymore, is that alright” Kong Lu said.

Xia He sneered.

It seemed that Kong Lu still did not understand her.

“Then ask them to move out of our house and return to the countryside to live with your brothers,” Xia He said with a cold smile.

Kong Lu was speechless.

Even if he was willing to do that, Old Madam Kong would definitely cause a scene and there would be chaos again.

“They… I… Im the eldest child in the family.

By right, I should be the one taking care of my mother…” Kong Lu stammered.



You can take care of her however you want, but I dont want to take care of a woman who scolds me every day, so lets get a divorce.

Can your family just let me off” Xia He said.

“Xiao He, dont be like this! Ill definitely make them change! Really!” Kong Lu looked at Xia He sincerely.

“Then tell me how youll make them change” Xia He looked at Kong Lu calmly.

Kong Lu did not know how to explain it, but he believed that his mother and younger sister would change as long as he conveyed it to them patiently for a few more times. Yes! He just needs to talk to them a few more times!

“Ill definitely talk to them once I get back.

Theyll definitely do what I say! Xiao He, believe me!” Kong Lu said anxiously.

“Dont lie to yourself.

Dont you know your mother and younger sister well enough If they are willing to listen to you, they would have done it long ago.

Can you change them with just your words” Xia He said mockingly.

Kong Lu did not know how to talk about this matter, but he knew that he did not want a divorce!

“Just let me go.

This matter is not negotiable.

Lets get a divorce.” After saying that, Xia He rowed towards the shore.

Kong Lu definitely did not agree with Xia He.

He desperately rowed in the opposite direction.

Given that the two of them rowed in different directions, the boat started spinning in the middle of the lake.

Xia He quickly stopped what she was doing.

“What exactly do you want! Do I owe your family or what! Do I have to suffer for the rest of my life just because you married me! Just because you married me!” Xia He shouted angrily.

“Ill get them to change.

Trust me!” Kong Lu kept repeating the same thing.

“Unless they move out, theres no room for discussion! Even our current house is paid for by the Xia family!” Xia He said.

“Xiao He, please be understanding of my situation.

Im the eldest child in the family.

If I send my mother back to the countryside, everyone in the village will criticize me! Then people will always be able to badmouth me behind my back!” Kong Lu begged.


Xia He looked at Kong Lu in despair. If she had to be understanding of Kong Lus situation, then who was going to be understanding of hers

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