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“It looks like Xiao He has suffered a lot in the past few years.

When I have time, Ill go and talk to Kong Lu,” Xia Wen said as he rolled up his sleeves.

Qiao Mei looked at Xia Wen skeptically.

Xia Wen had always seemed like a perfect gentleman and it was difficult to imagine him fighting with someone.

Sensing Qiao Meis gaze, Xia Wen looked at her and said, “I used to be a soldier too.

Although it was only for five years, I was the top warrior for those five years.”

“Really! Elder brother is so amazing!” Qiao Mei stood up excitedly, her eyes filled with surprise and admiration.

“Of course! If Im still there, its hard to say who will be the current top army warrior now!” Xia Wen said proudly.

When Xia Zhe saw Qiao Meis reaction, he immediately glared at Xia Wen.

Xia Wen raised his eyebrows smugly.

“Come, lets go to the nursery!” Xia Zhe immediately grabbed Qiao Mei and pulled her out of the house.

If he was any slower, Qiao Mei would be treating Xia Wen like a celebrity and asking him about his past glories!

“Alright, alright.

Slow down.” Although Qiao Mei followed behind Xia Zhe, she kept looking back as she walked.

She took a few glances at Xia Wen, wishing she could hear more gossip.

In the courtyard, Xia Wens shoulders trembled from the force of his laughter as he recalled the jealous look on Xia Zhes face.

It had been a long time since he had seen such an expression on Xia Zhes face.

He found it extremely interesting.

Back then, Xia Wen was injured after a mission and it left him with a recurring injury, after which he was forced to retire from the army.

Otherwise, the current top army warrior might not be Xia Zhe.

He used to be the best sniper in the troops, and his physical fitness and combat skills were not inferior to anyone.

When he thought of this, Xia Wen sighed.

If he could ever recover, he would want to go back and continue fighting, and to hold his favorite sniper rifle again.

After leaving the courtyard, Xia Zhe pulled Qiao Mei over to him and looked at her seriously.

He gave her a flick on the head and said, “Ive been a soldier for 10 years and Ive been the top army warrior for all those 10 years!”

Qiao Mei did not look excited or surprised at all.

Instead, she had her usual expression on her face.

“I know.

You told me before, and you look the part of a top warrior too.

But elder brother is different.

Look at him, hes so skinny and weak like… ahem… I mean, Im surprised by what elder brothers achievements.” Qiao Mei wanted to say something, but the two of them had not gone far.

She did not want Xia Wen to hear her.

Xia Zhe was very satisfied with what Qiao Mei said and happily led the way to the nursery.

In the courtyard, Xia Wen looked towards the door in shock.

At this moment, he could no longer smile.

Him Weak As weak as what What


Xia Wen fell into a deep sense of self-doubt in the courtyard.

Xia He and Kong Lu also went out early in the morning.

There were too many people at home and it was inconvenient for them to talk, so they went for a walk in the nearest park.

Early in the morning, the park was filled with elderly men and women who were there for their morning exercises.

There were also young people who came here for a run, but very few people went to the lake.

After they arrived at the park, Xia He bought tickets at the lake to row a boat with Kong Lu.

Since there was no one by the lake, no one would hear them if they talked in the middle of the lake.

Also, Kong Lu would not be able to run away halfway through the conversation.

There were a few times in the past when Xia He wanted the two of them to sit down after a fight and talk about the grievances in her heart.

She wanted to talk about everything that was happening at home so that they could both think of a way to resolve it.

However, Kong Lu always felt that there was nothing much to talk about since it was just trivial family matters and he would always find a reason to leave the house.

Every time, he would say that something came up at work or that his superior wanted to have drinks with him.

It happened many times and they never had a chance to talk properly.

Even their conversation yesterday was interrupted by Liu Fen.

Neither of them could leave today.

She wanted to see where Kong Lu could escape to and whether he would rather jump into the lake to get away than talk to her!

Xia He knew that Kong Lu did not know how to swim.

The two of them rowed the boat in silence.

There were a few times when Kong Lu wanted to speak, but he could not think of a suitable topic.

There were ripples on the sparkling surface of the lake.

The sunlight shone on the surface of the lake and was dazzling.

Kong Lus heart rate rose and fell with the ripples on the water surface.

When they reached the center of the lake, Xia He looked at Kong Lu quietly and said, “Lets get a divorce.”

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