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Qiao Mei gently held the vines and transferred energy to them.

Very soon, the roots of the vines formed a huge net under the Cao familys side of the house.

The Cao family members continued digging even in the rain.

However, they did not dig in the yard this time.

Some time ago, they had already searched through the entire yard.

If they did not manage to find anything at the depth they reached, they were sure that there was definitely nothing in the yard.

This time, they were digging inside the house.

The floor tiles had already been cracked and removed.

They planned to dig through one room at a time and they were sure that they would find something eventually.

Two days ago, they had sent all the children staying in the side rooms to their relatives houses.

By now, only the main room was still untouched.

Everyone in the Cao family was trying their best to find something underground in every corner of the main room.

Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound that shook the entire house.

The Cao family members looked up at the house and ran out the next second with their hands over their heads.

As they ran, they shouted, “Run! Theres an earthquake!”

The neighbors also switched on their lights one after another.

Qiao Mei wanted to continue watching the Cao familys farce, but the door of the side room was suddenly slammed open.

A black figure rushed in, hugged Qiao Mei tightly and rushed out with her.


Qiao Mei was not afraid.

She knew that the person hugging her was Xia Zhe.

He must have heard the Cao familys yells and came to look for her.

Given that he had experienced an earthquake himself, he was more sensitive to such a matter.

If not for Qiao Mei saving him then, he would have died long ago.

Xia Zhe only let go when they were out of the house and in the courtyard.

“Are you alright Are you scared” Xia Zhe asked as he held Qiao Meis shoulders tightly.

Qiao Mei gently touched Xia Zhes chest and felt his rapid heartbeat and panicked breathing.

Qiao Mei smiled and looked up.

“Im fine.

Dont be afraid.”

Xia Zhe slowly exhaled and hugged Qiao Mei tightly in his arms.

“I wont dare to let you out of my sight again.”

Qiao Mei laughed heartily in Xia Zhes arms and said with a smile, “Are you going to watch me even when I go to the toilet and take a bath”

Xia Zhe thought for a moment and replied, “Were legally married, so Im fine as long as you dont mind.”


Qiao Mei raised her hand and gently hit Xia Zhes chest twice.

“I dont think it was an earthquake just now.

Earthquakes will shake the earth and mountains.

It just shook for a moment and then there was nothing.” Qiao Mei checked with him.

Xia Zhe looked around and said, “I think the sky looks quite normal too.

It shouldnt be an earthquake.

Looks like someones house collapsed.”

Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe looked at each other and understood what each other was thinking.

The first people to mention an earthquake were the Cao family members.

Moreover, they had also felt some tremors at their side of the house.

Furthermore, there were more than enough reasons for the Cao familys house to collapse.

Xia Zhe carefully brought Qiao Mei to the side bedroom and said, “Rest here.

Its raining heavily outside, so dont go out.

Ill go and take a look at the situation and Ill tell you when Im back.

You dont have to wait for me to come back to go to sleep.

Just sleep in this room tonight.”

Xia Zhe went to the master bedroom to get two new sets of pajamas, one set for himself and the other set for Qiao Mei.

Now that the weather was so cold and she had just gotten drenched in the rain, it was better to be careful.

“Have a good rest.

Ill be back in a while.” Xia Zhe quickly gave Qiao Mei a kiss and put on the raincoat that he had left in the side room before going to the Cao familys side.

Whatever happened to the house was a small matter.

If someone got hurt, he had to help out.

No matter how bad these people were, they did not have any intention of harming others.

They were forced into it.


Qiao Mei did not want anyone to die either.

She just wanted to teach the Cao family a lesson.

However, this lesson seemed to be a little too big.

Half of the backyard had collapsed and all the rooms would have to be repaired.

Even when it was completed, it would definitely feel different from before.

However, there was nothing she could do about it.

Xia Zhes appearance shocked the Cao family, but it was actually not that strange.

It was impossible for Xia Zhe not to know about it after such a huge commotion.

Moreover, this house did not collapse from any earthquake at all.

It was caused by all the digging they did.

The Cao family was just about to find an excuse to send Xia Zhe away when the other neighbors came running over to ask what had happened.

“What happened”

“Why did this house collapse”

“Who knows! This house is quite sturdy.

Weve lived here for so long without any issues.”


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