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After Xia Zhe finished cooking, he called Qiao Mei over to eat together.

It was a full moon night, so they decided to eat on a low table outside.

It was late at night and he had a beautiful girl by his side to admire the moon together.

It made for a lovely scene.

After dinner, the two of them talked about what happened today.

“Are you familiar with those two people from your village” Xia Zhe asked.

“Im not.

Actually, Ive only seen them once.

At that time, my second grandfathers family wanted to matchmake me.

My grandfather was seriously ill then and their plan was to marry me off, wait for my grandfather to die before snatching my familys house,” Qiao Mei said as she looked at the moon in the sky.

She wondered if her grandfather was doing well in the village.

It had been two months since her grandfather last wrote to her.

However, she still called him on the phone regularly and she heard from Uncle Zhao Liang that her grandfather was doing well.

The four younger siblings at home were also filial to her grandfather.

Zhang Qian also did not come to ask Li Gui for money anymore and everything was fine at home.

Xia Zhes heart ached as he hugged Qiao Mei and asked, “How is grandfathers health now Why dont I get someone to bring him over for treatment now.”

Qiao Mei leaned on Xia Zhes shoulder and said, “Grandfather is much better now.

Moreover, there are four children at home to play with him.

Hes very happy now and hes cheerful every day.”

“The person who instructed the two people today is from the He family.

Its He Meis third uncle, He Ning.

He stays in the suburbs and is seriously ill, so he wont be able to live long.

However, the Cao family recently gave him that ginseng in exchange for the stability of their positions in the government for the next few years.

If He Ning stays alive for a few more years, many people will suffer,” Xia Zhe said.

Qiao Mei kept quiet.

The ginseng had caused trouble instead.

If she had known earlier, she would not have given something so good to the Cao family.

He Ning did not even know her, yet he could come up with such a despicable method to harm her.

If it was anyone else on the receiving end, the person probably would have suffered greatly.

If those two people had succeeded today, she would be doomed.

In this era, tricking a soldier into getting married using a fake pregnancy was not a matter that could be resolved by getting criticized and re-educated.

It was a jailable offense.

If that happened, she would have a criminal record after she was released and she would never be able to find a good workplace.

He Ning was so ruthless only because Qiao Mei was in his way.

“Do you know where He Ning lives” Qiao Mei looked up and asked.

Xia Zhe looked at Qiao Mei curiously and said, “Why are you asking this”

“I… I just want to know where he lives! Ill take a detour in the event I have to pass by, in case I get captured.

What if something happens and you cant find me” Qiao Mei pouted and said.

Xia Zhe could not help but pinch Qiao Meis cheek.

It was so soft and cute.

“He lives in the suburbs, near the nursery.

I dont know where exactly, but there arent many residents there.

As long as you dont go to the nursery, youll be fine.” Xia Zhe gave some thought to it and felt that he needed to find out He Nings address.

It would be bad if He Ning continued to have an eye on Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei nodded and noted it down obediently.

When she had some free time, she would go there to ask around.

She knew the location of the nursery because Aunt liked orchids very much, but there were very few pretty ones available in the capital.

Someone had told her that there was a nursery in the suburbs which specialized in growing rare flowers and plants and asked her to go there to take a look.

However, she had always felt that it was too far and was unwilling to make the journey.

This time, she could take the chance to make a trip to find out where He Ning lived as well as to buy a few pots of orchids.

As Qiao Mei thought about this, she leaned against Xia Zhes shoulder and gradually fell asleep.

Xia Zhe was about to say something when he turned around and saw Qiao Mei sleeping soundly with her eyes closed.

He smiled tenderly and carried Qiao Mei back to the bed in the house.

The next morning, there was an argument in the He family.

Xia Xius interrogation room had kept the matter very quiet and it was already the next day when the He family found out that Wang Yong had been interrogated.

He Ning was so angry that he refused to speak and did not want to eat breakfast.

This was the first time he had seen someone fail at such a small matter.

It was only much later that he found out what went wrong.

“Theyve only been married for a few months.

How can Qiao Mei slim down so much that they cant recognize her How is that possible!” He Ning said with a frown.

If something else had gone wrong, he could still accept it, but this bunch of good-for-nothings even got the person wrong! They were definitely lying!


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