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Zhou Hua suddenly started crying bitterly, tears raining down her face.

Liu Fen, who was sitting next to her, was shocked and wondered what was wrong with her.


“Third Aunt-in-law, whats wrong” Xia He asked.

“Im just happy.

Im happy that all of you are doing well!” Zhou Hua said as she wept.

Xia Wen shook the liquor glass in his hand and smiled at Zhou Hua.

“Why are you crying when youre happy, Third Aunt-in-law Its so inauspicious to cry on a joyous day.”

Zhou Hua used a handkerchief to cover her face and wipe her tears.

The expression behind the handkerchief was a very twisted and angry one, but after wiping her tears, she put on a pitiful look again.

It was a waste that she did not become a performer.


“Look at what this kid is saying.

Seeing all of you doing well makes me think of my Xia Xing.

I dont even know when hell be able to get married.” After saying that, Zhou Hua started crying again.

“Didnt Brother Xing say that he has a girlfriend and is getting engaged soon Doesnt that mean hes getting married soon Third Aunt-in-law should be happy about that,” Xia Wen asked.

Zhou Hua said with reddened eyes, “Its just that although the girl wants to marry into our family, her parents say that we must provide a house.

Thats why he hasnt gotten married yet.”

Xia Wen gave Xia Zhe a meaningful look.

It seemed like her target was Xia Zhe.


“If Brother Xing works hard, wont he be allocated a house soon” Xia Wen said.

The Xia familys ancestors were all soldiers, but when it came to Xia Zhes generation, they started working in other fields.

For example, Xia Wen was a university professor, while Xia Xing worked in a government unit in the south.

Everyone had heard that the benefits were not too bad.

Although the salary was not high, he would be allocated a house.

If a couple was both from that unit, they would be allocated a much bigger house.

Xia Xings girlfriend was a colleague from the same unit as him, and she also had a relative who was in a leadership position there, so their allocated house would definitely not be too small.

“The unit did allocate them a house, but I felt that it was too small, so I asked them not to take it.” Zhou Hua then continued, “Besides, how can a house in the poor and remote countryside be better than a house in the capital Im thinking of getting the two of them transferred to the capital so that everyone in the family can be reunited.”

It seemed that not only did she have designs on Xia Zhe, but she also wanted Xia Jun to help with Xia Xings transfer.

Everyone in the neighborhood could hear her wishful thinking!

“Third Aunt-in-law, how big a house is good for you That allocated house is almost 200 square meters.

Why isnt it big enough for Brother Xing to live in That place is also flourishing at the moment, how is it worse than the capital I even went there on a business trip previously,” Xia Wen said with a smile.

Zhou Hua pointed at Xia Wen and shouted, “What do you know! How can that place compare with the capital! Besides, if our Xiao Xing has children in the future, are they supposed to find their marriage partners in that place Its such a poor and remote place, dont tell me they have to marry country bumpkins! Thats why I want them to be transferred back to the capital.”

Qiao Mei almost choked on her water to hear that she had become part of the topic.

She kept having a feeling that Zhou Hua had something to tell her, so there must be something else she had not said yet.

“I cant help with Brother Xings work problem.

I can only wish Third Aunt-in-law all the best.” Xia Wen finished the liquor in his glass in one gulp.

Zhou Hua stood up unsteadily and put both her hands on the table while saying, “As if I dont know that you cant help! You could have gone to the army to take up a civilian position, but you insisted on being a teacher.

Your monthly salary is so little and your house is so small! What were you thinking!”

Xia Wen did not refute and just nodded vigorously.

Zhou Hua then turned to look at Xia Zhe and said, “Xia Zhe is still the best.

Xia Zhe is so capable.

His grandmother also dotes on this grandson and left him such a big house.

There are 14 rooms! Its so big!”

“Sigh, I heard from Eldest Sister-in-law that Qiao Mei has taken back the part of the house that the Cao family occupied.

Shes really a capable wife.

There are now 28 rooms in total.

Even after your children are born, there will only be four of you.

You wont have use for so many rooms,” Zhou Hua said as she looked at Qiao Mei.

Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei did not reply.

They lowered their heads and ignored what Zhou Hua said.

They already knew that she was eyeing the house, but they did not expect her to broach this topic so quickly.


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