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Xia He and Liu Fen closed their mouths discomfitingly and did not say anything else.

Tan Jing pretended not to hear anything.

“Dont worry, its fine even if we have daughters,” Xia Zhe comforted Qiao Mei.

Liu Fen heard that from the kitchen.

She hurriedly opened the kitchen door and came out raising a spatula at Xia Zhe, saying, “Hurry up and spit on that! What unlucky things are you saying! You will have sons!”

Qiao Mei looked at the agitated Liu Fen and said, “Yes, if Second Aunt-in-law says theyre boys, then it must be so!”

Liu Fen said proudly, “Thats true.

I have four children and Im very blessed to have both sons and daughters! Dont spout nonsense, youll have sons!”

Zhou Hua shouted from the kitchen, “You should be more worried about your two sons getting married.

Theyre not even married yet, but youre so anxious about Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-laws grandchildren!”

Liu Fen did not mind and pretended that she did not hear anything.

She said thoughtfully, “What are these two childrens nicknames Are they called Luck and Fortune Or Wealth and Treasure!”

Xia Zhe lowered his head and held back his laughter.

Qiao Mei looked at Liu Fen and said, “Second Aunt-in-law, I think Luck and Fortune are good.

If theyre girls, then theres no need for these nicknames.”

When Liu Fen heard Qiao Mei mention having girls again, she got so anxious that she stomped her feet.

She quickly waved her hands and said, “Hurry up and spit on that! Dont say such inauspicious things! It must be two boys!”

Qiao Mei was so ticked by Liu Fens reaction that she laughly loudly and said, “Alright, alright, alright.

It will definitely be the Luck and Fortune that Second Aunt-in-law is looking forward to.”

Liu Fen gave Qiao Mei a look of satisfaction and went back to cook.

As she walked back, she was still muttering the words luck and fortune, and could not stop smiling widely.

The eldest grandson of the Xia family would be using a nickname that she had chosen.

She would be proud to tell that story to outsiders.

She thought that Qiao Mei seemed like a nice person.

Back when Qiao Mei first came to visit, Xu Lan had called up Liu Fen after that and kept complaining about Qiao Mei.

She told Liu Fen how she thought Qiao Mei was such an ignorant village girl, as well as a lot of other nasty things..

Now, Liu Fen felt that Qiao Mei was in no way inferior to those young ladies from wealthy families in the capital! As if those young ladies could get pregnant with two children at once! Lets see who still dared to look down on Qiao Mei! She would definitely be the first to stand up and put a stop to it!

Xia Zhe pinched Qiao Meis cheek and asked, “Didnt I give the children nicknames in my letters back then Are you saying that my nicknames arent as good as Luck and Fortune”

Qiao Mei slapped Xia Zhes hand away and looked at Xia Wen, saying, “Elder Brother is knowledgeable.

Lets get Elder Brother to be the judge.

He said in the letter that he wants to name the child Xia Zhuang!”

Xia Wen could not help but laugh when he heard this name.

“I also think that Luck and Fortune is much better than your Xia Zhuang.” Xia Wen did not hide his disdain for the name Xia Zhe came up with.

Xia Wen thought for a moment and said, “If you trust me, Ill help you name the children.”

Xia Zhe looked towards Qiao Mei to see what she thought.

Qiao Mei nodded and said, “Elder Brother, please do.

Youre so cultured and the names you come up with will definitely be nice names.”

When Xia Zhe heard the way Qiao Mei praised Xia Wen, he felt a little jealous.

He had also studied in military school and he was in no way less cultured than his elder brother.

He may be a military man, but it did not mean that he was uneducated.

“Let me think… If theyre boys, shall we name them Xia Yun and Xia Xuan If theyre girls, then Xia Wei and Xia Shuang,” Xia Wen said after careful consideration.

Qiao Mei also felt that these were nice names.

When she looked up, she saw that Xia Zhe was still frowning.

Qiao Mei asked softly, “Whats wrong Are you unhappy with the names given by Elder Brother”

Xia Zhe said in a fit of pique, “Xia Zhuang would have been a nice name for my son!”

It had been a long time since Xia Zhe threw a tantrum in front of Xia Wen and he had not seen his younger brothers childish side for a long time.

He was so amused that he laughed out loudly and said, “If youre not convinced, then let grandfather and father be the judges and see which names are better.

Perhaps the two of them wont like the names we came up with.

They might already have their own ideas regarding the names.”

“Youre right.

Grandfather has been looking forward to this for a long time.

I think he might have already prepared names for our children.

Lets ask grandfather to choose later.” Xia Zhe thought about how his grandfather had always looked forward to him getting married and having children.

He had asked Xia Zhe to get married when his grandmother was still around, but Xia Zhe did not meet anyone he liked.

Therefore, Xia Zhe guessed that his grandfather might have already prepared names for his future grandchildren a long time ago.


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