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“What are you looking at, Third Aunt-in-law” Xia Wen asked.

Zhou Hua smiled at Xia Wen and said, “I think you seem quite happy too.

Actually, they can give one of the twins to you.

Dont you think that would be perfect”

The moment she said this, the atmosphere in the room instantly turned icy.

Liu Fen also stood at the side, not knowing what to say.

The smiles on Qiao Mei and Xia Zhes faces disappeared at the same time while Xia Wen and Tan Jing threw dirty looks at Zhou Hua.

The angrier Xia Zhe looked, the happier Qiao Mei felt.

There were many people in her village who gave away their children in exchange for money.

There were also people who starved their daughters and married them off once they were of marriageable age.

She was relieved to see that Xia Zhe cared about the children.

No matter what other people said, Xia Zhe had no intention of giving his children to others.

With this, nothing else could faze her.

Seeing that everyone ignored her, Zhou Hua laughed awkwardly and said, “I was just joking.

Why did everyone take it seriously”

“Then Third Aunt-in-law should stop joking in the future.

You dont seem to be very good at telling jokes,” Xia Wen said coldly.

Seeing that he did not give her an out despite him being her junior, Zhou Hua said mockingly, “Youre really taking my good intentions for granted.

Who do you think Im saying this for Im being kind but no one appreciates it.

Second sister-in-law, lets go cook.”

After Zhou Hua finished speaking, she did not forget to glare at Tan Jing.

If not for this useless woman, she would not have been put on the spot today.

Even a country girl could get pregnant with two children, yet Tan Jing did not have any contribution after marrying into the family for so many years.

“Ah, right, right, right.

Its time to cook so lets go!” Liu Fen smiled and answered Zhou Hua, hurriedly pulling her into the kitchen.

When she reached the kitchen door, she turned back to look at the people in the living hall.

Tan Jing did not say anything and quietly got up to go into the kitchen.

Xia He also followed her.

There were many juniors today, so Xia Fang did not have to help out.

Liu Fen glanced at Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe hurriedly blocked Liu Fens line of sight by sitting beside Qiao Mei.

He said happily, “How did you all go to the hospital Was it a bumpy ride Were there many people queuing You should rest so that you dont tire my son out.”

Xia Zhe even emphasized the word “son” loudly at the end.

Liu Fen shook her head and smiled.

This would be the familys eldest grandson, she had better not let Qiao Mei tire herself out.

It was not as if there was no one else around to do these things.

She would give Qiao Mei a break.

Qiao Mei stole a glance at the kitchen and whispered, “What if its two daughters”

Xia Zhe happily patted Qiao Meis belly and said, “Whats so bad about having daughters Theyll grow up to look as beautiful as you.

Our eldest aunt is so capable.

Then look at our youngest aunt, shes also an important staff member of the hospital.

Then look at my sister, the mainstay of the culture troupe.

My mother was previously the head of the military art troupe.

Besides, youre so capable, so its a good thing to have daughters.”

Xia Wen smiled as he looked at Xia Zhe and his wife.

In the past, Xia Zhe rarely came home and even requested to stay in the army to work during the holiday season.

He was like an iceberg that had no warmth.

Now, he looked as though he would do anything for Qiao Mei.

As Xia He washed the vegetables in the kitchen, she said, “Now that Xia Zhe is married, hes happy all the time.”

“Isnt that so The old Xiao Zhe doesnt like to talk, but now hes just smiling every day.” Liu Fen sighed as she looked at the loving couple through the kitchen glass door.

“Second Uncle was also like this when he married Second Aunt-in-law back then, right If Second Uncle hadnt been so busy recently after his promotion, Second Uncle and Second Aunt-in-law would probably be the ones putting on a public display of affection!” Xia He looked at Liu Fen and teased her.

Liu Fen raised her hand and gently gave Xia He a push.

She said embarrassedly, “Youre making fun of me! Im so old already! But your second uncle has indeed been very busy recently.

I havent seen him in a long time.

Its a good thing that hes busy though.

Im thinking he will be back soon.”

As Zhou Hua chopped vegetables at one side, she made loud sounds on the chopping board, causing the cabinet to shake from the impact.

Third Uncle Xia Guangs career had not shown any signs of improvement recently.

Not long ago, he had even been reprimanded by his superiors, and she had also been mocked by Xu Lan for that.

Seeing Liu Fen showing off about how capable and reliable her husband was, Zhou Hua felt that all these people looked down on her!


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