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Xia Zhe stared at Liu Fen.

He thought that Liu Fen had said something to Qiao Mei and instructed her to do work.

Liu Fens expression immediately darkened as well.

Zhou Hua laughed and said, “Your wife has been eaten up by your second aunt-in-law.

Hahaha!” She was the only one in the room who laughed loudly, while everyone else did not look too happy.

“Your wife, Xia He and Xia Fang went to the hospital,” Liu Fang said sulkily.

“Hospital Whats going on!” Xia Zhe and Xia Wen said in unison.

It was normal for Xia Zhe to have such a big reaction.

After all, Qiao Mei was his wife.

However, no one knew why Xia Wen was so worked up as well.

Tan Jing glared at Xia Wen while trying to suppress her anger, but Xia Wen only paid attention to Liu Fang and what she was saying, and did not see Tan Jings expression at all.

Perhaps he did not even notice Tan Jing there when he entered.

Xia Zhe had no patience for Liu Fens slow explanation.

Striding big steps, he rushed to the door to head to the hospital.

As he opened the door, he bumped into Qiao Mei and the others who had just returned.

“Oh my, slow down.

Where are you going in such a hurry” Xia Fang reprimanded him.

Xia Zhe did not even hear what Xia Fang said.

He grabbed hold of Qiao Mei and checked her carefully to see if she was injured.

Before long, he realized that everyone was smiling and it did not look like something bad had happened.

“Your wife is pregnant!” Xia He looked at Xia Zhe excitedly.

Xia Zhe glared at her.

How could he not know that his wife was pregnant It was such an obvious thing.

“Twins! Twins! Theyre twins!” Xia He said, jumping up excitedly.

It took a while for Xia Zhe to register that.

Twins What twins Qiao Mei was pregnant with twins!!!

Xia Zhe looked at Qiao Mei, then at her belly, with an expression of pleasant surprise.

He had only just been worried about whether Qiao Mei was safe and sound, but now his face was filled with shock and joy.

“Is it really a pair of twins” Xia Wen had stood behind Xia Zhe all this while, and he turned towards Xia Fang to ask her.

Xia Fang nodded.

Xia Wen excitedly hugged Xia Zhes shoulder and said, “Younger brother! Theyre twins! Thats so great!”

Xia Zhe also laughed happily.

This was such a joyous occasion!

Liu Fen could hear a commotion at the door from the living hall, but she could not tell what was going on.

She asked Auntie Chen to ask them to come in.

“Xiao Zhe! Xiao Wen! Hurry back into the house! Let the ladies come in! Why are you all standing outside on such a hot day!” Liu Fen said laughingly.

Although Liu Fen looked down on Qiao Mei, she appreciated the fact that Qiao Mei was giving the Xia family two children in one go! That was a great contribution to the family.

“I must be out of my mind.

Hurry up and go into the house.” Xia Wen let go of Xia Zhe and stood to the side, asking his aunt, younger sister and sister-in-law to enter the house quickly.

“I can hear you guys talking at the door just now.

Did Mei Mei get the results” Liu Fen looked at Xia Fang expectantly.

Xia Fang smiled and said, “We checked already.

Its confirmed to be twins.”

Liu Fen clapped her hands excitedly and looked at Qiao Mei with satisfaction.

Among the children in the Xia family, she liked Xia Zhe the most and would think about Xiao Zhe whenever there were any nice things.

Like what Xia He had said, she did not have any bad intentions.

It was just that she favored boys over girls and she felt that womenfolk in the family should do all the housework so that men need not worry about such things.

She was a traditionalist.

However, she definitely doted on these boys at home.

Her only hope was that the men of the Xia family would prosper and she did not have any bad intentions at all.

“Qiao Mei, its a great achievement to have two children.

Most people dont have such good fortune! Come and sit down.

Dont tire yourself out.” Liu Fen quickly stood up and helped Qiao Mei to the chair she just vacated.

“Second Aunt-in-law, Im fine.

Im in great health!” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

Zhou Hua looked at the way Liu Fen showered attention on Qiao Mei.

She reckoned that people who did not know better would think that Qiao Mei was pregnant with her grandson!

“Sister-in-law, why are you so happy Even my eldest sister-in-law is not as happy as you!” said Zhou Hua.

“Third Aunt-in-law, Second Aunt-in-law is just excited.

Shes happy that theres going to be a new generation in the family,” Xia Wen explained.

At this moment, Zhou Hua seemed to have thought of something.

She was a person full of bad ideas.

She looked back and forth at Xia Wen and Tan Jing.


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