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The question was why He Ning would do this.

The Xia family and He family had always stayed in their own lanes.

Why would He Ning suddenly plot against the Xia family

“Has anyone offended the He family recently” Xia Xiu asked with a frown.

Xia Wen smiled and looked at Xia Zhe as he said, “You probably have to ask Xia Zhe about this.

He Mei has always liked Xia Zhe and He Guo has come to propose marriage several times, but the relationship between our family and the He family has never been good.

Now that the political situation is so tense, we also cant have a marriage alliance with the He family.

Moreover, if Xiao Zhe doesnt want to marry her, its useless for anyone to say anything.”

“He Mei can be considered to be a pampered young lady from a wealthy family and she had been treated like a princess at home since young.

Why is she doing this” Xia Xiu asked bewilderedly.

“Aunt, this is because our Xiao Zhe is too charming.

If they had succeeded in this matter, He Mei can then become Xiao Zhes new wife after he gets divorced.

Xia Zhe is already the battalion commander at such a young age.

Dont you think theyre envious” Xia Wen explained.

The way he said it made sense.

No one had expected He Mei to be so infatuated and to have waited for Xia Zhe for so many years.

Xia Xiu had spent all her time in the army and did not pay attention to such issues at home.

The last time she saw He Mei was when Xia Zhe was in school, and she actually thought that He Mei had already gotten married after so many years.

If He Ning wanted to get this matter done, he would do whatever it took.

With his character, there was nothing he could not get as long as he wanted it.

He had the capability to do anything.

“He Nings health wont be able to hold up for more than a few years, and the He family wont be able to achieve much either.” Not long ago, Xia Mao had heard that He Ning had been recuperating at home and had not gone out for a long time.

It seemed that he was seriously ill this time.

“Ill go in and see if he has any other valuable information.” With that, Xia Xiu went in to interrogate Wang Yong.

The Xia family members outside the room continued to discuss how to launch a counterattack on the He family.

They could not just ignore what had happened today..

After Wang Yong confessed and stamped his fingerprint on the statement document, both he and his mother were released.

Everyone else left as well.

Xia Mao returned to the army to settle some matters while Xia Zhe and Xia Wen prepared to return to their grandfathers house.

After all, their wives were still waiting for them there!

The two of them stood at the door and waited for their ride.

Xia Wen slowly leaned towards Xia Zhe and asked, “What made you take a fancy to Qiao Mei back then Eldest Aunt said that Qiao Meis weight was a shockingly big number then .”


Xia Wen had seen the information that his eldest aunt had given him.

Back then, Qiao Mei indeed weighed more than 200 pounds.

Xia Wen believed that no matter how desperate his younger brother was, he would not have fallen in love with her at first sight and slept with her immediately after they met…

Xia Zhe glanced sideways at Xia Wen.

What happened back then… He did not want to provide the details, but even if Xia Wen racked his brains, Xia Wen would not be able to imagine that it was Qiao Mei who was the one who ravished him back then.


Xia Zhe smiled and said, “Shes a very kind girl.

Shes smart and capable, cooks well and does great needlework.

She also treats me well.

Usually, shell send me the pickled vegetables, dried meat and dried fruits that she made herself.

She also…”

Xia Wen quickly interrupted Xia Zhe and said, “Stop, stop, stop! Take it that I know shes very good.

Stop talking.

If I dont interrupt you, I reckon you can talk until dawn tomorrow!”

Xia Zhe gave it some serious thought before replying, “Theres such a possibility.”

Xia Wen rolled his eyes resignedly.

He thought that this must be the power of love.

Xia Zhe, who had always had a cold expression and never smiled, would actually smile foolishly when he thought of his wife.

“You… I think youve been completely defeated by Qiao Mei,” Xia Wen said as he shook his head helplessly.

Their car arrived at this moment.

Xia Zhe put his arm around Xia Wens shoulder and said playfully, “Alright, big brother, lets go back quickly.

I reckon my wife is still going through Second Aunt-in-laws ideological education!”

“Hurry up and go back.

I dont want to hear stories about you and my sister-in-law here.

Im so jealous!” Xia Wen pushed Xia Zhes arm away and got into the car, with Xia Zhe following closely behind.

It did not take long for the two of them to reach home.

The moment they entered, they could only hear Liu Fen and Zhou Hua chatting and laughing.

Xia Zhe looked around but did not see Qiao Mei at all.

Even his elder sister and aunt were not around.

Xia Zhe asked coldly with a dark expression, “Where did my wife go”


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