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While there was a heated conversation going on at home, it was also full of activities outside.

Xia Xiu brought Wang Yong and the old widow to a place equipped for interrogation.

If this matter had been done by a family member, then it would be a family matter.

However, it was obvious that someone had deliberately set this thing up, so they could not simply let these two people off.

Xia Xiu had never been afraid of anyone.

She wanted to let the forces behind these two people know that the Xia family was not any pushover that could be manipulated by them.

As soon as Wang Yong entered the interrogation room, he confessed everything even before Xia Xiu opened her mouth.

He talked about how in the past, he had never thought of going on a blind date with Qiao Mei.

It was his mother who said that Qiao Meis family was rich and did not lack anything and that if she married him, he could do whatever he wanted with the money.

He left out the incident when he went to look for her and she gave him a beating and chased him out.

After that, they did not contact each other anymore.

As time passed, he had long forgotten about everything.

However, not long ago, two people who dressed quite well, and looked like rich people, came to the village.

In the beginning, they went from house to house, trying to find out about Wang Yong and Qiao Meis relationship.

Later on, they found Wang Yongs family and gave them a sum of money to tell an exaggerated story and to say that Qiao Mei was carrying Wang Yongs child.

They made up an entire story for him to memorize.

They told him that if he completed the task successfully, they would buy a house for his mother and him in the county city so that they need not live in the village anymore.

They would also be given another large sum of money.

Wang Yong was so enticed by the rewards that he agreed and he was then sent to the Xia residence.

“Then do you know who hired you” Xia Xiu asked.

Wang Yong recalled carefully and said, “Those two people didnt say where they came from, and I didnt dare to ask.

They dont look like people to be trifled with.”

Xia Xiu stood up and slowly went to stand opposite Wang Yong.

She placed her hands on the table and said patiently, “Think about it carefully again.

Were there any special signs or symbols, or whether they said anything that seemed strange.”

Looking at Xia Xius cold eyes, Wang Yong panicked and said, “Let… Let me think…”

“You have to think about it carefully.

If you lie, dont even think about leaving this place.

What you did today was slandering a soldier.

We can send you to the police station and have you convicted!” Xia Xiu stood up quietly and looked at Wang Yong.

Xia Xiu held up three fingers and said, “Ill give you another three minutes.

When I come in later, I hope that you can tell me something I havent heard before.

Do you understand”

After Xia Xiu finished speaking, she walked out of the interrogation room.

The people sitting outside were all from the Xia family.

Xia Mao, Xia Wen and Xia Zhe were all there.

They could see what was going on inside the interrogation room through the two-way mirror, and they could hear everything that was said inside clearly, but Wang Yong could not see what was going on outside.

“Eldest Aunts ability to interrogate people is still as formidable as ever,” Xia Wen teased.

“Well, this is how I make a living.

So, do you guys have any ideas yet” Xia Xiu asked.

Xia Mao lowered his head in silence.

Wang Yong did not say anything useful at all and they could only make guesses.

“There are too many people that we can suspect.

In the past few years, our Xia family has done well and has been a thorn in their sides.

I wonder who did this,” Xia Wen said.

“Could it be the Zheng family I heard that the girl from the Zheng family has been demoted recently because of you,” Xia Xiu said as she looked at Xia Zhe.

Xia Zhe knew Zheng Yuans character and also knew that Zheng Yuans father had always treated him like his own son.

They would definitely not take the opportunity to take revenge.

“Uncle Zheng is my mentor and he wont do that.

However, not long ago, Qiao Mei seemed to have an altercation with He Mei from the He family,” Xia Zhe said.

He only heard the story that night when Qiao Mei talked about all his romantic debts, and it took him a long time to coax her and to explain the relationship he had with each woman.

It also made him realize how Qiao Mei had a difficult time when she first came to the capital.

“The He family Then only He Ning would be able to do such a sinister thing!” Xia Xiu immediately chimed in.

When Xia Mao heard this, he also felt that it was most likely to be the He family.

He nodded and said, “The only person in the entire capital who can do this without any loopholes, and yet be able to distance himself from it, would be He Ning.

No other person can be so meticulous.”


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