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“As for the female teacher from the university that my father mentioned to me last time…” Xia Zhe scratched his head, unable to recall how she looked.” Forget it, lets not talk about her anymore.”

There was no point caring about these people now.

After all, he had already decided who he was going to marry.

“Alright, you decide on your own marriage.

As long as Qiao Mei passes the political review, theres no problem on my end!”

Qin Dong then asked curiously, “So which familys daughter did you fall in love with at first sight, for you to make a decision on such an important matter as marriage right now Is she very pretty”

At this point, Xia Zhe could not help but shiver. She looked… probably she would scare you to death.


“Lets get the marriage registered first.

When Im done with my mission, Ill bring her home to see you guys,” he said.


Since the two of them had spent the night together, they had to get married so that no one would have any designs on Qiao Mei.

At the same time, Grandpa Qiao Qiang would also feel more at ease.

Although… Qiao Mei was not very pleasing to the eye, she was already his now.

Since that was the case, he would protect her.


“Im on a mission here and I dont think Ill be able to finish it anytime soon.

Please help me get my marriage certificate done, then go to the village and treat the villagers to a meal.

Well make some arrangements for the wedding and then deliver the marriage certificate to her.

Then we can consider the matter done.”

This would make her relatives give up.

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“So soon” Qin Dong suddenly thought of something and asked, “Could it be that you are still hiding something from me”

When Xia Zhe heard this, his face felt like it was on fire.

It turned red in an instant and it was like he could suddenly hear the moans from that night and the pleasure of release…


Although he knew that it was unlikely for anything to happen after a one night stand, they had done it more than once that night.

If they ended up having a child… he could not let anyone gossip about the child that might be born.


“I was drunk the other day, so I made a mistake…” Xia Zhe said softly.


“Ah You rascal… youre really…” Now Qin Dong heard this clearly.

Even as he was admonishing his nephew, he was also itching to know what happened.

What kind of girl could make his steel-hearted nephew lose control

As a man, he knew very well that there was no such thing as one losing control when drunk.

That was just an excuse.

If a man was really drunk, he would not be able to do anything.

If he had done something, then he was definitely a willing partner.


Xia Zhe blushed.

Neither did he lose control after being drunk, nor did he pretend to be crazy under the influence of alcohol.

He had accidentally fallen for a trick…


Xia Zhe exhaled and said slowly, “Dont tell my parents about this first.

Ill tell them myself when I get back.”

Qin Dong immediately replied, “I understand.

You can say it yourself when youre back!”

He had taken down the address of this woman and noted that she was likely a village girl.

With the characters of his younger sister and brother-in-law, wouldnt the Xia Family explode when they knew about it

The explosion was not the scary part, the scary part would be if they object to this marriage.

He thought differently from this couple of the Xia family.

He felt that a real man had to depend on himself to build his career.

He must work on it one shot at a time and not rely on unorthodox methods which were not dependable at all.

Besides, if a man worked hard for his career outside and did not have a woman he liked waiting at home, then that life would feel empty.

He would not feel comfortable even if he had a good life.

Now that his nephew finally found someone he liked, he must protect this marriage and not let that Xia family couple ruin it.

After hanging up, Qin Dong immediately took action.

He made a few phone calls to the Northeast precinct and someone immediately boarded the train to Qiao Meis house.

Wedding matters should be handled quickly and not be delayed so that it would set everyones mind at ease once everything is done.

He was Xia Zhes uncle after all!


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