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Second Aunt-in-law and Third Aunt-in-law, Liu Fen and Zhou Hua respectively, followed them all the way to the door.

After watching the three of them leave the Xia residence, both women returned to the living hall and sat down to gossip.

The two of them were full-time housewives so they were unable to talk much about current affairs and only chatted about family matters.

Not long after, Zhou Hua noticed the quiet Tan Jing next to her.

“Qiao Mei is currently pregnant with the eldest grandchild of the Xia family.

If she is able to give birth to two boys, Xu Lan will be so happy,” said Zhou Hua as she looked at Tan Jing from time to time.

Tan Jing sat at the side with her head lowered, completely ignoring what Zhou Hua said.

Liu Fens biggest worry was that her four children would either not get married or that she would only have granddaughters without an eldest grandson.

“Thats so true.

Xia Zhe is really lucky to have children right after he got married, and to have two at one go.

Look at my children.

All of them are so disappointing.” Liu Fen became sad when she thought of this and reached out to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes.

“Second sister-in-law, dont be anxious.

Look at Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-law.

They only have grandchildren at such an old age.

Even if you dont have a grandson, at least you have a granddaughter and you can enjoy life now.

Its just that Eldest Sister-in-law finally has her wish granted.” Zhou Hua then turned around and smiled at Tan Jing as she said, “Dont you think so, Xiao Jing”

Tan Jing smiled awkwardly and said, “Third Aunt-in-law is right.

My mother-in-law will be very happy.”

Tan Jing clenched her fists tightly, her nails digging into her palms.

Compared to the pain in her palms, her heart hurt even more.

From the moment she returned to the Xia family, she had been feeling very agitated.

It was not that she did not like Qiao Mei, it was just that she felt that Qiao Mei was really too lucky.

Xia Zhe had been very gentle to Qiao Mei after she married into the family.

Tan Jing could not understand why such a country girl could get such treatment while she was treated with disdain.

Tan Jing did not expect that not only was the entire matter today just a farce, the good news that everyone received ended up dealing her a heavy blow.

Ever since Tan Jing got married to Xia Wen, she had been trying her best to get pregnant.

In the beginning, she made changes to her lifestyle and went to the hospital for physical examination regularly.

As more time passed, she became a little anxious and went around asking for all kinds of folk prescriptions.

She would try everything once but nothing worked.

She even went to the Guanyin Temple to pray for children but it did not help.

She had worked hard for so many years, but in the end, she did not manage to have even one child.

Qiao Mei had two children upon getting pregnant! How could anyone be so lucky! Why did she not have her own children!

“Of course she would be happy.

Eldest Sister-in-law had wanted a grandson for so many years and now she finally got her wish.” The more Zhou Hua thought about it, the more amused she felt.

She was happy to see Tan Jing suppressing her anger and still smiling respectfully at her.

Back when Zhou Hua married into the Xia family, they held a grand ceremony because they owed her a favor! If she had not saved Xia Guang, the third son of the Xia family, the Xia family would have lost a son! Her view was that if she stated the facts humbly, she was Xia Guangs savior; if she stated the facts bluntly, she was the Xia familys savior!

In the past, Xu Lan would always use Zhou Huas family background as an excuse to laugh at her.

Later on, when Xia Guangs career declined progressively, Xu Lan even got hold of some evidence against her.

Every time Xu Lan saw her, Xu Lan would use this knowledge to mock her.

Zhou Hua was adamant that if she did not have a good life, then no one else would have a good life! No one could look down on her!

“Then when is your family going to have a grandson” Tan Jing asked Zhou Hua with a smile.

Tan Jing was usually quiet and soft-spoken, and she never got angry even when Liu Fen nagged her every day that as a woman, her responsibility was to have children and raise the next generation for the Xia family.

Now that she dared to talk back, Zhou Hua thought that she had really underestimated Tan Jing.

Zhou Hua did not get angry when she heard this.

She was much younger than Xu Lan.

She could afford to wait, but Xu Lan could not.

Her son had only been married for a year and was not in a hurry to have children.

Her daughter-in-law had a civilian post in the army and was a hundred times better than Tan Jing who did nothing at home!

“Im not in a hurry since my son and daughter-in-law just got married.

My daughter-in-law is in line for a promotion! Its too rushed for them to have a child now.

We can talk about that after she gets her promotion.” It was like Zhou Hua was almost putting her daughter-in-law on a pedestal.

“Oh my, you still have to watch over them closely.

They must still have a child,” Liu Fen said.

“Yes, they definitely will.

I still want to rest for a few more years too.

Its tiring to take care of a child,” Zhou Hua pretended to say in disdain.


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