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On the surface, she seemed to be praising Qiao Mei for her good looks, but by saying Xia Zhe had good taste, she was actually praising Xia Zhe.

“Look at how quick Xiao Zhe is.

He just got married and he already has a child, unlike my two unfilial sons.

Its as if we want to eat them up when we ask them to go on blind dates!” complained Second Aunt-in-law.

Xia He rolled her eyes when she heard this.

It was not that the boys were afraid of being eaten, but that they knew if they got married and their new wives met a mother-in-law like Second Aunt-in-law, their wives would leave out of anger after two days.

Second Aunt-in-law had a total of four children, two girls and two boys.

After her two daughters got married, one could count the number of times they returned to their parents house with one hand.

Even when they returned home, they would leave after a short while.

Otherwise, they would have to listen to Second Aunt-in-law nagging about what women should do at home.

“Qiao Mei, right” Third Aunt-in-law sat on the sofa and asked haughtily.

“Yes, hello, Third Aunt-in-law.

My name is Qiao Mei,” Qiao Mei replied with a sweet smile.

“I see that your belly is quite big.

How many months are you” said Third Aunt-in-law with a smile as she looked at Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei gently stroked her belly.

The way her clothes stretched over her belly made her look obviously pregnant.

Xia Xiu had informed everyone that Qiao Mei was about three months pregnant, but Third Aunt-in-law wondered why her belly was so big

Second Aunt-in-law and Third Aunt-in-law looked at Qiao Meis stomach doubtfully.

It was not that they were overly suspicious, but even though what happened just now had been proven to be fake, they could not help but feel wary.

Qiao Mei looked at their doubtful gazes and knew that it was time to reveal that she was pregnant with twins.

“Aunt, please help me take a look.

I also feel that my belly has grown a lot bigger recently,” Qiao Mei said as she touched her belly.

At first, Xia Fang was caught by surprise when she heard what the mother and son said.

Although she did not think that Qiao Mei was such a person, she could not help but become suspicious when she heard what the other party said.

Now that the truth was out, she felt much more at ease and also felt a little guilty for suspecting Qiao Mei.

“Come, let me take a look.” Xia Fang walked forward and gently touched Qiao Meis belly.

“Aunt, what do you think” Qiao Mei asked.

Xia Fang smiled and said, “Your belly is indeed much bigger than the last time I saw you, but everyones physique is different.

Some peoples stomachs get very big, but some peoples stomachs dont even show.

Its all very normal.”

Xia Fang still did not realize that Qiao Mei was pregnant with twins.

“Maybe you can try eating less recently.

Its possible that youve been eating too much and gained weight a little too quickly,” Xia He guessed.

“What are fetal movements supposed to be like I keep feeling that Im carrying two babies because sometimes the fetal movements are on the left, sometimes on the right, and sometimes on both sides at the same time,” Qiao Mei asked curiously.

“Two” Second Aunt-in-law and Third Aunt-in-law looked at Qiao Mei in surprise.

Even Xia Fang was shocked when she heard this.

Given that Qiao Mei was only three months pregnant, it would explain the size of her belly if she was pregnant with twins.

If she was really having twins, it would be great news for the Xia family!

“Dont move, let me take a look.” Xia Fang checked Qiao Meis belly closely.

Xia Fang gently covered Qiao Meis stomach with her hands.

Not long after, she could feel the fetal movements.

As Qiao Mei had described, it happened on the left side for a while and then the right side for a while.

Sometimes, it happened together on both sides.

“Come on, lets go to the hospital.

Lets go to the hospital now!” Xia Fang said excitedly.

“Whats wrong Is the child abnormal Is there a problem” said Third Aunt-in-law, with an imperceptible gloating tone.

“No, no! Qiao Mei might really be pregnant with twins! I have to quickly bring her to the hospital for an ultrasound!” Xia Fang led Qiao Mei out excitedly.

Xia He took her bag and followed closely behind.

Second Aunt-in-law and Third Aunt-in-law wanted to follow as well but were stopped by Xia Fang.

She knew that these two chatty women only wanted to watch the fun.

The ultrasonic machines were still very rare during this time.

Due to the fact that they were rare, most people would not choose to do an ultrasound scan and only wealthy families could afford to do so.

Moreover, one had to make an appointment in advance to do an ultrasound scan.


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